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  1. Don't be ridiculous. The magic number is clearly: 6 x Hag Queen (360) 6 x 30 Witches (1620) Total (1980) 210 Wounds 100% murder
  2. I'm using 2 sword 3 stave. Almost guaranteed to get all your attacks in. Between high damage, rend and mortals, you've got a solution for every problem.
  3. Yes, 3 rows of sisters can fight with their 2" range.
  4. 99.99% of the community plays that the second row of 25mm bases can attack with 1" range. You can't argue with @tchad78 (and everyone else's) logic. If the bases are touching, they are less than an inch apart. Period. End of story.
  5. None of those are shooting attacks, they are all abilities. You can run and still use them and they're not restricted when you're in combat, nor effected by Lookout Sir!
  6. People definitely do not prefer sisters. Most successful lists are witch and blood sister heavy. There really isn't a consensus on witches v sisters and knives v shields. The debate has been ongoing since there tome launched in March. I am personally a proponent of all witches with knives but if someone does well with a different configuration who am I to argue.
  7. It does count as a drop. I like the simplicity of your list. Gav+ a unit of evos and a unit of seqs for a strike and to mire your opponent in their own territory, the rest to be immovable objective owners. Going to be dang hard for your opponent to fight through all those wounds. I do wonder if just the Gav bomb is worth taking Hammers, or if This is a list that would benefit more from staunch defender.
  8. You definitely need to get used to that. The game is about objectives, end of story. I rarely kill more points than my opponents because I play a pure objective game. Which is one of the reasons I think kill points are a poor tie breaker in tournaments. Why should defensive lists be at an inherent disadvantage to offensive ones. Makes no sense.
  9. Yeah... I've been thinking of super strange lists (as I am wont to do) taking Sequitors to the max and anvils is in the calculus. Check this. Stormhost: Anvils Lord Arcanum on Foot, general (180) Lord Castellant (100) Lord Castellant (100) 20 Sequitors (400) 20 Sequitors (400) 20 Sequitors (400) 20 Sequitors (400) Total (1980) Wounds 178 Yes this is a Stormcast list with 178 wounds. Now this is what I call a cleansing phalanx.
  10. Nagash also can't be taken in any of the legions, only in Grand Host of Nagash.
  11. No problem, keep fighting the good fight with your Gutbusters!
  12. July Core rules designer's commentary, upper left hand corner of page 7. Confirms @TheWolfLord has it right.
  13. I always build a prime from each box and make sure to differentiate them in a clear and visible way, that way you can just take them both in the same unit and so long as your army roster indicates which is the prime and you notify your opponent, I'm not aware of any TOs who would take issue.
  14. I agree with this. Decimators are cool on paper but fall flat really hard when there's not a horde to decimate.
  15. Stormcaller: because it's super fun to cast (I probably won't take it competitively). It's not very effective against Death Armies though since they can just regenerate all the models they lose.
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