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Mixed order list.


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So i'm looking at running a GA: Order list, I'm not really too worried about it being competitive as I have my KO for when i'm playing Tournament type games.  I just want something that is fun and will look cool for my local club nights, right now my dwarves are a bit much for most the guys that show up and I feel bad ending the game at turn 2.  Anyway, i've come up with the following list, based on what armies/models I have(other than the loremaster) and was curious what opinions are on who could be the general and what traits/artifacts to take.  None of the heroes are very durable so i'm not really sure if I should make my general one of the back line heroes to keep them out of harms way, or just throw everything on the assassin to make him a cool melee glass cannon.

Allegiance: Order
Loremaster (100)
Aether-Khemist (140)
Aether-Khemist (140)
Skink Starpriest (80)
Assassin (80)
20 x Arkanaut Company (240)
10 x Arkanaut Company (120)
10 x Saurus Warriors (100)
- Clubs
3 x Endrinriggers (120)
3 x Kroxigor (160)
Carmine Dragon (440)
Bastiladon (280)

Total: 2000 / 2000

Also open to ideas on what to change here, I have access to most Seraphon(no skinks), KO, A fyreslayers SC box and a couple stormcast units(Knight Azyros and Dracothian guard). I want to keep the dragon even if its not that great, i just think it looks cool and is a fun centerpiece.

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Assassin is really only in there cause I have a Skink assassin conversion i did a while back.  It is definitely a bit all over the place, the way i plan on playing it would be using the warriors to screen the company, they do their skyhook thing.  Kroxigor pushing with Riggers(aassassin in this unit) up one side probably with the Dragon on the other and Bastiladon just runs into as many units as it cans to start dropping snakes.  Buffs from the casters just depend on what i think will get in to combat at the time.  


It may be terrible, it may work out alright.  Its just a collection of models i have that i imagine can be fun but not as unfun to play against as my KO are when you dont have competitive lists to put against them.

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4 hours ago, Freejack02 said:

Cut a Khemist for 10 more Company (does the same thing but better). 

Thats not really my experience at all from running company and khemists, granted it is more useful with large units of company to get the buff on them.  Again though, i'm not going for optimal list, I'm far more curious what people would run as general and artifacts.

I know this isnt optimal at all, I dont want it to be optimal cause when i do that the games at my club arent even fun.  I table people turn 2 generally and no one really enjoys that, including myself. I dont need to make the list better, I will accept more fun or more thematic in some way but i definitely dont need a power boost.

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