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  1. How would you not? The tray is a set shape and size, you're definitely going to move beyond that at some point when piling in. An easy way to visualize that is putting a 10/20 man unit into a large based monster, you have to remove models from the tray to wrap around the base.
  2. No rim but magnetized doesnt really seem much better than a rim though, you're still going to have to break the magnetic force to get them off the tray. I 3D print my own, I generally use them until I charge and just take them off the tray as part of the charge move since i know i'll be piling in after that. It does speed up set up and the early movement phases, and I like to transport them in the trays so I can see how many of each model i have at a quick glance. I use magnets to transport and they stick through the tray since its only 1mm thick.
  3. On the community site. They posted an unboxing article that shows the Kurnoth scroll in one picture.
  4. If its anything like the Blood Bowl games it will be fine.
  5. I ordered these from Amazon :https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B001K7Q6Z0/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o08_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 It was way more than I needed. I just cut them with a ruler/hobby knife to the length/width I needed.
  6. Would work depending on how deep you want to pour it. Shallow pours would probably be okay, but anything over probably 6-7mm would be risky. Edit: Make sure you do it on a cookie sheet or something like that as well. I had a few leaks and was lucky I had put it on something other than my desk or I would now have a pool of resin where I paint.
  7. Its not too hard. Get some thin plastic sheets, cut them to length/width appropriate for the base you're using. Glue them into a cylinder then use PVA glue to glue them to the bases. I did it on a lot of my bases and it was pretty simple.
  8. Hitting the general at range, I would imagine. Even if its only knocking a few wounds off of it to ensure Thralls/Eels kill it.
  9. I was outdropped by them in the game I played so no choice there. It didnt help that he rolled a 13 on the Vortex spell so I couldnt even attempt to unbind it. I'm also still not entirely sold on reavers, they either seem to do okay for me or absolutely nothing but are never great. We're starting up a semi-competitive campaign here soon though so i'll finally get some more game in, i've had like 3 games total since LVO.
  10. I'll have to check the battletome when I get home, not that it matters much but now i'm curious.
  11. I dont think there was ever anything about removing their eyes. They just cover their eyes with helmets.
  12. How are people finding the skaven matchups with Deepkin? I've played a couple games and had a pretty rough time against them, granted one was at 1000 points and the second was me trying out @Carrion King-like list which I struggle a bit with compared to my normal list. The lightning vortex is ridiculous and did the majority of the damage to my army both games, poor setup on my part in both games as I didnt really know the range of it. But I also struggle to kill off all the clan rats and hold objectives. Just curious how everyone else is doing with this matchup?
  13. It probably would have helped a bit. I could have killed off that protecting unit faster for sure.
  14. Hey guys, I played a game over the weekend vs Skaven and ran into a buffed up verminlord that seemed a bit off to me. He was running a Verminlord Corrupter Warpseer with a 4+ rerollable save, then two 5+ ward saves and a third 5+ for passing wounds off to a nearby unit. Is that right or was he misplaying something there?
  15. The title was changed. There was no hoping before and it was titled like the reveal was already done and that it was Hysh elves.
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