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  1. Very nice little app! There are a few errors/missing FAQ on the Deepkin section. If I get some time I could try to contribute via github but I am swamped at the moment. Will definitely use this though!
  2. I played my Deepkin this weekend to start our campaign. Played Untamed Beasts and Splintered Fang and won both, Splintered Fang would have been a hard matchup if it wasnt for the victory conditions. Reavers were actually far better for me than Thralls and I think going forward I will probably have about twice as many of them in my list as Thralls. Eels are nice, but i'm not sure they're worth the points to take more than 1 of each. My list: 1 Ishlaen (Leader) 1 Morsarr 3 x Thralls 4 x Reavers
  3. Its just a Tidecaster general using her ability to change the tides. What goes with it is generally a bunch of Morrsarr Guard and Fuethan Enclave so you get first turn run/charge and second turn high tide for a brutal alpha strike.
  4. The GHB rules take precedence over everything before them. So you really can override our FAQ, and the only thing that gets changed really is you need to place the ships 3" from other terrain rather than 1". Its spelled out pretty plainly in the FAQ for the GHB. In a Pitched Battle, faction terrain must be set up more than 3" from any other terrain features and more than 1" from any objectives, in addition to any other restrictions that apply to it. Sometimes this will make it impossible for a faction terrain piece to be set up; in this case, it is not used.’
  5. Not really sure where the confusion is here. The GHB FAQ states that you follow the terrain setup rules plus any additional ones for the specific terrain piece. Which essentially means you take the most restrictive from each place and combine them, for ships you place them at least 3" from any other terrain pieces, 6" from Objectives and 6" from other shipwrecks. As for the terrain setup mini game the consensus seems to be just ignore it, its what everyone near me is doing, its just a waste of 20-30 minutes to set up a table and never needed to be there in the first place. What is CA?
  6. Definitely some good conversion candidates in there. I was thinking of swapping the nets from some of the Fangs onto some models, not sure which yet but I feel like Idoneth would be using nets.
  7. You probably just need to realize that you are going up against the worst possible opponents. I dont think its an auto loss by any stretch, but you probably want to consider bringing other options when your opponents are directly countering your main threat.
  8. Terrorgheists shouldnt show up in competitive lists? What FEC lists are you fighting? lol I'm sorry your experience has been poor but maybe you just arent using them correctly? Just about the only thing i've put them against that they have struggled with are Fyreslayers(Vulkites, hearthguard obviously kill them) and that ended up being a stalemate essentially. I've used them against Plague Monks and they killed more than they lost in the 3 times i've played Skaven, kill terrorghiests like I said with or without ghoul kings, ethereal VLOZD when it was a popular thing, countless bloodthirsters, dragonlords, witch aelves in equalish numbers, Keeper of Secrets. The list could go on and these are not one off events where i'm getting lucky, these are consistent results. Running Dhom Hain(reroll 1's to hit on the charge) a unit of 10 Thralls will do 14.5 damage to a 4+ save on average vs Monsters/4+ wound models. Its a bit lower if you're going up against 1 wound models, around 10.3 damage vs 4+ or 12.9 vs 5+. So again on average 10 Thralls will kill the monster they attack and on average they will wipe a same sized unit. If the unit you're attacking has a DPR then you will usually need a bit of help, but that doesnt make Thralls a poor unit it just means you picked the wrong target.
  9. Most people underestimate Thralls which helps. I tend to just use Reavers as screens, they do okay damage if you can shoot and melee with them but they die just as easy as Thralls with less damage output generally. I really need to get some Eternal Guard then I doubt I will take Reavers at all.
  10. Thats maaaaaybe true for Reavers, Thralls are pretty damn good for 130 points. Even a unit of 20 is good, sure not all will attack but with a soulrender near them they will stick around for a long time and even against 2 wound models will generally win the fight they're in. I have countless times sent Thralls into things worth far higher points. I've had units of 10 pretty regularly take down terrorgheists and other big monsters, you need to pick your targets(kind of the theme of the army) and they will perform very well when you do.
  11. It was in the FAQ that came out after GHB 18, so it is possible it was played correctly depending on when you played those events.
  12. I dont know, Idoneth are the only faction I play with that has terrain so I know their rules but not sure on the others.
  13. It also says any other rules specific to the terrain is still in place. So for example the Gloomtide Shipwrecks still have to be 6" from objectives. Emphasis is mine: In a Pitched Battle, faction terrain must be set up more than 3" from any other terrain features and more than 1" from any objectives, in addition to any other restrictions that apply to it.
  14. They dont really need more than 2 CP generally. Everything but the general is usually in range of the throne for a free summon, then the general has 2 for his summon and feeding frenzy. The CP change doesnt really hurt FEC much.
  15. I dont think that actually changes anything. The rules for the ship are below, I dont believe Allies gain the Idoneth Deepkin keyword so they still would not be affected. Roll a dice each time a wound or mortal wound is allocated to an Idoneth Deepkin unit wholly within 6" of this terrain feature. On a 6+ the wound is negated.
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