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  1. Anyone thinking GW wasnt going to make one unit way better than the others hasnt been paying attention to AoS, but Idoneth did get Sharks AND Namarti. Sad but true. In other news I gathered what I could on points and such and how much things have raised. Storm 355 +25 Sea 325 Volturnos 290 +30 Akhelian King 260? +30 Lotann 115 +35 Tidecaster 150 +45 Soulscryer 150 +10 Soulrender 120 +30 Thrallmaster 110 Ishlaen 195 +40 Morrsarr 195 Allopex 165 Leviadon 500 +120 Thralls 130 Reavers 170
  2. The shiver is just an 1/2.0 battalion that costs no points.
  3. Yeah definitely always assume they're wrong. I just dont want to have to trim my lists more than I already have haha
  4. My concern with turtles now is that they said you could cram 3 into an army. Which means they're probably going to 500+ points, makes list building much tighter which already seems like a problem. Battleline sharks could be cool but then I feel like we just shift from the old Morrsarr meta to a shark meta.
  5. Can we stop the back and forth on this already? You guys arent going to agree, move on to a more productive conversation instead of just arguing to death.
  6. The playtesters have advanced knowledge of what will be really good in the coming months, from playtesting it and see rules/points before we all get to see them. So if they are gearing up a particular unit it generally means they think it will be better than average once the new rules or points come out. Edit: There are a lot of opinions on this sort of stuff so i'm trying to put it as non-biased as possible, but thats generally why you see mentions like you quoted. They obviously should be playtesting everything, but we've had it shown that they dont, eg SCE dragons.
  7. I plan on just kitbashing the Thrallmaster. I could use another 10 reavers, but have enough thralls and I really dont want to deal with splitting a box anyway. Thinking about using the Underworlds hero since I have that box all sitting on sprue still.
  8. People are already running Namarti and they are pretty good, Reavers at least, Thralls need 2" range to really shine but even now arent terrible for a battleline choice. There are quite a few well placing lists running 30-50 Namarti and while they arent full Namarti armies do we really want that? I dont think either one should be more defensive, its not their role and they would get just be pointed too high if they all gained a 4+ save or ward. If they added a more defensive Thrall unit then that may work. The only real change that needs to happen at the moment is to fix Thralls weapon range since the new coherency rules really hurt them.
  9. He has an additional attack that is D3 attacks, otherwise his only other variable attack weapon is the exact same as the Storm's. Definitely dont agree that that makes him far more swingy than the Storm.
  10. I think the Sea Eidolon is pretty appealing now, if you dont need the damage from the storm. If the Storm cant charge they do pretty similar damage actually, although on the charge the Storm does quite a bit more and you will generally be charging with him. Survivability is the same, but the -1 to hit may be really nice as more books get updated since they seem to be removing a lot of the +1's to hit. The heal spell on a turtle could go a long way as well. I think it definitely makes it a harder choice now.
  11. The Eidolon really wants all out attack and rerolls from Dhom-Hain, Fuethan, Akhelian King, etc. If you give him arcane tome and flaming weapon he's pretty good at killing most things, for bigger units and the tougher hero's you definitely want him in with something like Morrsarr, Sharks or Turtle though.
  12. This is me for basically every non-GW game i've gotten interested in. So many other companies actually attempt balance and community outreach its crazy that GW is so poor in this area.
  13. I think thats a good start at 1k. Scaling up I think you definitely want to look at getting at least 1 unit of eels to run as screens, Ishlaen work great for that, if you're planning on running Reavers a Soulscryer or allied priest with Curse is amazing as well. I think you'll do pretty well with this list at 1k though, seems like a great starting point.
  14. I thought about magnetizing them but the joints are so small it seemed like more of a pain than it was worth. No one has ever noticed the difference in my games, or at least no one has said anything so I dont think it matters much in the end.
  15. I run mine as both with the casters weapons. The models are so similar I cant imagine anyone actually complaining about it not being the right one, its literally just weapon swaps.
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