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Embarked units Kharadron Overlords



New player here with a question about Kharadron units embarked on a Frigate or Ironclad.

Can the unit(s) onboard use weapons and abilities? For example, can a hero use its command ability? Can a unit of thunderers use their ranged weapons? And so on...

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When we look at the second paragraph of the rule "Embark" (in this case the Arkanaut Ironclad but it's the same for the Arkanaut Frigate), we read the following.


Embarked units cannot normally do anything or be affected in any way whilst they are embarked. Unless specifically stated, abilities that affect other units within a certain range have no effect on a unit that is embarked or whilst the unit that has the ability is embarked, ...

Only abilites that mentioned that it can be used while embarked will have an effect, anything else will not work.

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