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Help me build an Aelf army!


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Greetings everyone!

Recently i decided to dig the Spire of Dawn box my wife gave me last Christmas and Start a High Elf army.

At first i thought to go SwiftHawk Agents but  then i bought a lot of extra stuff, so i will go with a mixed Order of high elfs.

This is what i got:

15 Reavers

20 Swordmasters

10 Spireguards

1 Phoenix

1 Skywarden (will magnetize)

1 High Warden

2 Dragons (will magnetize Riders)

1 Loremaster

2 Archmages (one on horse)

1 Anoited

My usual adversaries are Ironjaws and Sylvaneth. I consider buying Phoenix Guard and Dragon Blades/Noble because they look really cool, but that just for the future.


Any sugestions?




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Definitely include Phoenix Guard. Besides monsters, they're the durable element in the army. Bolt Throwers are decent as well. If you find yourself short on points, downgrade your spireguard into spearman, as they're cheaper and battleline. Just don't expect anything else of them other than sitting on objectives and fulfilling battleline requirement.

You also get anointed on foot with the Phoenix.

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