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Tzeentch arcanites

Knight of Ruin

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I have bought the silver tower a while back and now i was wondering what i can do with the tzaangors and acolytes in an actual game of aos.

I have tries a game with a daemon prince, tzeentch sorcerer lord, 20 acolytes and 10 tzaangors against spme stormcast (5 libs, 5 rets, 5bowjuds, and a lord castellant.).

Its was fun enough but obviously without synergies they aint doing much.

So, how do you field your tzeentch arcanites?

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Yeah, about the best you've got at the moment is keeping a Lord on Disc general close to Arcanites and Thaumaturges, as they benefit from the re-rolls for the Lord of Fate command ability... but that depends on what number you're re-rolling, of course.

There are a few synergies between wizards and daemons, but nothing game-altering, really.

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I'm starting up a very similar army theme, though I'm branching out alongside this

Currently my list stands at

Gaunt Summoner on foot
The Cursling
The Changling...
Tzeentch Chaos Lord on a Disc
Exhalted Flamer
2 to 3 Heralds
20 Pink Horrors
Handful of Blue Horrors
6 Flamers
5 Screamers
40 ish Kairic Acolytes
6 Tzangors

Also available a handful of Beastmen and Maurauders


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