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Mengel Miniature's Stormcast Eternals

Mengel Miniatures

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Hey everyone!

I post all of this up on Twitter and Facebook, but I figured I might as well start making a paint log of it here as well. All the finished stuff will be on Mengel Miniatures of course.

I just started on the Prosecutors from the starter box:





The gold is almost done on the first one, I just have the final highlight to go. I already have 5 Liberators, 5 Retributors, and a Lord Castellant done. After these guys I think I may tackle my Celestant on Dracoth or maybe the Relictor before moving on to another unit.


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Taking my Stormcast out for a spin this weekend against a friend's Ironjawz. Going to try out the Aqshy Time of War rules as well. I decided to make this image to build anticipation for it amongst my friend and me. Pretty happy with how it came out. I really like making stuff like this. adam_game.jpg

Unfortunately I don't think our game will look this epic since both of our armies are in progress. There will be a lot of grey plastic. I might try and finish spraying my stuff gold beforehand though...

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