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Need help Painting Hammerhal Freeguild


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Hello there :)

I'm starting a freeguild army and i really like the blue and white colour scheme of Hammerhal (or old Middenheim) but i can't figure out how the white and blue are painted :( 

So thats what i need help with :) you guys got any ideas? 

Thanks alot :D 



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Great to see another general pick up the freeguild! I'm almost done with my first ever army, just need to finish the Hurricanum and wait for Outriders to come back into stock online >:(

WarbossTae has a lot of great painting guides for the empire, here is a link to his video specifically demonstrating a Middenheim colour scheme: 

If you don't like his finish you can always try the Citadel paint app. Browsing through their list of model schemes is quite useful for finding the right shade of a colour you want on your minis. 

Having just finished painting 80 infantry though...I would definitely cheat by undercoating white and saving yourself half a job.  A wash of nuln oil and highlight with White Scar will get the whites table ready; then follow the advice in the above video for blue/weapons/accessories.


Have you bought the Hammerhal box set?  It's fantastic value if you have use for the Stormcast or can split the cost with someone. 

Hope this helps, and best of luck!

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