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New to AoS - Death


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Hi everyone,


new to age of sigmar and got enticed by death to build my army. I need some advice to build a 2k list. 


I bought the getting started box with a mortarch, knights and skeletons.


i’m thinking going for a teamed army mainly around wraights and morgash, i love the models. I’m wondering around those lines wich mortarch i’m gonna build. I like Arkham for his look but also neferata.


any advice would be appreciate, thanks !

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I'd say build the mount which you think looks best, then build all 3 mortachs and then you can just interchange the heros on the mount when you want.

im a sucker for lore and mannfred has me hooked. Reroll 1's to hit and wound is amazing in conjunction with vargheists, blood knights and morghasts as they all hit on 3's and wound on 3's. Also to. Otw they are all fast units and can keep up with mannfred.

as for your skeletons and your knight options, i'd build hexwraiths as they are better than black knights and10 skeleton spearman. 

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7 hours ago, WarSpirit said:

Yeah sorry i mean in fact spirit hosts, need to learn all those unit names lol.

Don't worry, you could be playing Khorne and have a way harder time:

Bloodsecraters, Bloodstokers, Bloodreavers, Blood Warriors, Blood Crushers, Bloodblooders, etc

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