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  1. So how do I order the @John Roy voice for my GPS?
  2. I want this now so much, and with how they did Skaven (rolling Pestilins back into the mass) I could honestly see them doing it.
  3. Personally I have no issue with my opponent doing it, but it would drive me crazy to play with different sized dice.
  4. I feel like this game would be 100% better if it had some sort of synergy mechanic based on team composition. Like if you take all Order, you get a small bonus to hit points, or if you take all Nighthaunt your units move faster, etc. Obviously they would need to add a lot more units in to get as specific as the AoS factions, but that would do a lot towards making the game feel like Warhammer and not just a skin on a popular game type.
  5. I'm so looking forward to running a game with this, and that cover art is metal as the bunch of asterisks that'll replace what I want to type.
  6. I think Scorched Earth and Starstrike are the two I like best, but Starstrike edges it out just a little for the random fun factor.
  7. I would love the chance to play an army of farmers that are just tired as sh** of all these massive battles messing up their idyllic countryside.
  8. I wasn't considering them gaining any more points off of me as part of it, I can see how that might change things. Most of the tournaments I've played in are 'victory or nothing' scores, so if I've got no way back (and I definitely make sure I'm not just getting demoralized), they've already got the check mark as far as I'm concerned and I might as well go get a snack. Of course, if it's a fun game or there are secondary objectives to go for that totally changes things. Thanks for elaborating!
  9. I might be misinterpreting this, but isn't this kind of a negative attitude to have? It reads like 'my opponent beat me so I'm going to punish them as much as possible for winning' which just feels like being a poor sport. Personally if I get stomped so hard in the first two turns that there's no way back to a win, and there's no secondary/points to score that would help my placing, I'm totally fine calling it. After all, if they beat my best list that badly, they deserve it in my mind (unless their list is just super cheese, I guess, but even then I'd probably call it just to avoid having to get tabled). Not trying to call you out at all, that train of thought is just so different from mind I'm wondering if you could elaborate more on it.
  10. I had a great time and played some really fun games! I brought a somewhat-competitive list (darn it I like Decimators so I'm going to use them) and went 2/3, not too bad for my first tournament with more than 20 people in it (especially considering two of my opponents finished in the top 30...ouch). I don't think I really understood how competitive a list could be until I got shot clean off the board in my second game, but still had a really good time, and my Stardrake did a drive-by miricle roll on his bite to eat a Knight-Azyros clean out of the sky, so that was pretty cool.
  11. I'll be there! I really wanted to play my Nurgle daemon army, but logistics in transporting everything from Atlanta made me downsize to the lower model count Stormcast.
  12. Does it count if the model is so bad that it loops back around and becomes good again?
  13. Ten bucks says it's a fiend with, at minimum, one ******.
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