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  1. - Support for a lot of the smaller factions, even if it's just a White Dwarf supplement. Things like Scourge Privateers and Gutbusters. - Beasts of Chaos! They fit fine with the lore and have plenty of models that could work. - KO seem easy enough to justify and it would be neat to have an all-shooting army, as long as they weren't too OP - The ability to play Stormcast as anything but the chamber I never bought anything from
  2. It seems like speed and number of bodies wins a lot of the preset battle plans. I've run Legions a few times now and won every game, it's just hard for my opponent to get around so many skeletons, especially if I'm super cheeky and keep them around 1.5 inches from their models, so they have to use a move action just to get into combat. Bonesplitterz has been doing pretty well for me also, once I realized that their 'Lotsa Arrows' ability stacks, and the Stabbas hit like a dragon on whatever they get within range of.
  3. Played a few more games and didn't hit a single snag between deployment/twists/victory conditions. When it works, it really works well!
  4. Its totally possible the we played it wrong, it was our third game so definitely still learning. If I remember though, after he selected his hidden messager I had to pick two board edges that he could escape from. Unfortunately the deployment has him coming in on both long edges at the corners-is, so if I picked them he automatically won, and if I picked the short edges he basically had to move the messenger twice to win. I don't remember the card saying the messenger had to be on the field, but if so then yeah, we messed that up.
  5. Had a pretty silly game last night where my opponent got to declare one of his models to secretly carry a message. Then, because of deployment, he was able to drop that model 3" from the edge of the board on turn 2, then immediately win the game. We looked at all the options and there was no way he couldn't have won, either he dropped the model within 1" of the board edge, winning the game, or dropped it one move action away, winning the game. Personally I'm not a huge fan of the twist cards that reduce range, 3/6 games I've played have had that included. I know it's probably hard to come up with that many unique twists but it does feel like a lot of them are really similar.
  6. I've never played Ironjawz (in AoS or Warcry) so I wouldn't know if it was weird or not! 🙃
  7. Played my first two games last night with my Bonesplitterz and it was a ton of fun. My opponent ran Ironjawz so it was a pretty forgiving game for errors as we both had lots of wounds to go around. Definitely felt like the Totem and Big Stabba's earned their keep, with an insanely lucky Stabba doing 24 wounds in one go. I do find it weird that the Totem guy has range (unlike in AoS) but the Big Stabbas DON'T have range.
  8. As someone who owns eight different armies and can't remember how to play any of them, this is fantastic. THANK YOU.
  9. Stormcast, because I love paladins and huge figures in heavy armor swinging man-sized weapons. Their aesthetic is close to Warcraft and Diablo, also things I love. Plus dragons. Slaves to Darkness, because the Chaos Warrior has always been 'the' definitive model for Warhammer in my head ever since I was a child. Nurgle, because it's gross and adorable at the same time. Basically Garbage Pail Kids the army. Bonus points for being so easy to paint because even the mistakes make sense! Death, because legions of skeletons marching through the realms thousands-wide is an awesome mental image. Seeing the model for Nagash is what got me back into the hobby in the first place. Troggoths, because they're big, fun to paint, and hit like a truck. I rarely win playing Troggherd, but I always have a great time, especially when my Dankhold buddy whomps someone for 15 wounds in one go. Beasts of Chaos, because it's really fun to play the bad guys from Diablo 3 and just throw hordes of bodies at your opponent. Plus their lore is great, especially how they view the Chaos Gods as not 'true' Chaos. Bonesplittaz, because a hundred Orruks in loincloths screaming constantly is the most Orruk-y thing I can imagine.
  10. Yep, at the start of the Hero phase, any unit within 3" takes 1 mortal wound on a 4+ unless they have the Nurgle keyword. Its a pretty low risk though for the fact that you're denying the Nurgle player D3 contagion points during his turn.
  11. Maggotkin of Nurgle Official CDC Survival Guide Be careful not to let anything valuable get within 3" of a Plaguebearer horde, or be prepared to have it stuck there all game. They hit like wet noodles without spell buffs, but in packs of 30 they are -1 to hit (-2 in shooting) and have the standard Nurgle 5+ save if anything makes it past their first save. If you see a Festus, shoot a Festus. Shoot him hard. Otherwise he'll give a unit -1 to saves for the GAME, and if he's backpacking a Great Unclean One (Like Rottigus) he'll also be healing the big guy every turn. If you manage to snag him in melee he'll crumble, but he's usually right next to something far more dangerous in close combat. Blightkings have exploding attacks on 6s, which means any -1 to hit spell/ability/stiff breeze will turn them into a big boring pile of wasted potential. Especially if they are not run in the battalion that gives them rend. Really cool models though. The Thricefold Befoulement battalion (three Great Unclean Ones) is really strong, but it's also more than half of a 2k list. Stick them in a pile of Stabbas or Skinks and they'll never touch an objective and you're free to move about the board waving at them. Standing next to a Feculant Gnarlmaw (the tree) will possibly cause D3 damage to a unit, but it will also deny Nurgle his sweet, sweet contagion points. It's worth Clanrat or two to prevent any summoning for a turn more. On the subject of summoning, beware the surprise Beast of Nurgle. He won't do much in damage, but can nab an unoccupied objective, and effectively tie up two units by retreating and attacking each turn. More irritating than deadly but a skilled Nurgle player can use it to lock down two units until you finally kill the sluggo. Plague Monks are the opposite of everything else Nurgle has - lots of damage with no real survivability. Reduce their numbers to below 30 and they're no where near as deadly though. Yes, that Verminlord Corrupter does have the Sword of Judgement, and yes, he is coming for your biggest Heros. Screen him or just shoot him down.
  12. I really want to try this in a narrative or fun game, since I have a little of everything besides KO, but on paper it doesn't look like it'll be very competitive. I do really like the idea of the coalition force for order, but if it's only in narrative I might as well run Order and get to bring in my Scourgerunners and Seraphon.
  13. Honestly, if it has the wings/scroll/lantern, your opponent would have to be a serious grognard to call you out on a gender swap. I have a pretty casual gaming group near me but even at bigger stuff I can't imagine that being an issue.
  14. I've taken a fairly defensive SC list to a few tournaments and everyone saying they are hard to shift off of objectives is right; they can hold a line really well, and they have enough stopping power available through things like Ballistas and spells to make sure they aren't just a wall. Nurgle (my other tournament army) can be the same way, although they have a little less burst damage than he might like. The trade off is they have several ways to heal, and a lot of their damage is 'unavoidable' (as in, no saves, just pick D4 units to take D4 wounds sort of thing). Plus, trying to plow through 30 plague bearers on an objective is difficult for even DoK blenders, especially if you buff them with additional saves on top of their first two. I usually run mostly demons, using a few key casters like Rottigus and Festus to weaken enemy lines, and summoning gives you a little flexibility for moving around the board. They don't have as many deep strike options as SC (I think it's just one, and its Gutrot+Blightkings) but once they get on an objective, they're on it the whole game usually.
  15. A friend of our local shop owner claims that GW is expecting delays and short supply on pretty much all their 2019 releases (example, the severe lack of Forbidden Power boxes). Not sure on the credibility of that though, it may just be their sales rep making assumptions.
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