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Experiences with 3-player Games


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So far I have only done games with two players, but one of my opponents wants a three way with a buddy of mine.

If you have experience with that, share your thoughts, please.

Do the rules feel like they work and are balanced, or do they feel tacked on-ish and not as finely balanced?


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Tons of fun, what Im less of a fan off is to allow for board placement completely by player for a 3 man, as one player easily gets sandwiched.

Other than that it feels a lot like a 1vs1 while playing but there is more of a political aspect going on with Shardfalls, Peal of Thunder, Bloodslick etc. Its nice to help out others from time to time. Overall the rules arnt tacked on and work well. I do however feel four is more fun for gang up and objective reasons.

Hold Objective 1-3 are + 6 and 2-7 are +7 for 3 player andthree are optional for 4. Makes holding that all the more relevant. 

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14 minutes ago, zabbraxas said:

done a dozen of 3/4 player game and it's a lot of fun, khorne look a little advantage at first sight with the exalted mechanic but with all the squichy model it's been just fine.

Yeah I evel feel they are at a slight disadvantage still because the models are so easy to kill. But I feel the same currently about playing them 1 vs 1 :P 

The game basically translates extremely well in any 2, 3 or 4 player game because the core mechanics work out so well. Even attacking or charging can only be done if there is a legal target for it all. This means that random movement can only be done with Move activations and otherwise isn't optional unless other Actions and Power cards specifically allow for it :D 

With the multiplayer games another thing has to be mentioned though:
- It's actively better to have decks with different sleeves, so you cannot confuse which card comes from when if you want to put it down or hand it over for clearity. Basically it's another reason to not play with clear sleeves.
- It's actively better to have painted or otherwise marked Warbands so you know which model belongs to which player. Duplicate models are an even more common occurance with multiplayer.
- Try your best to keep track of starting turn roll offs, as the winner of the first roll of should have some sort of advantage in deciding who is allowed to start etc. So you basically turn the priority, like with passing to play Power cards.

The coolest game we had with 3 players was when the board was set up with 2 boards connecting completely on the short side and the other board half connecting to both. This way you enforce combat by three parties more, which leads to more chaotic fun.

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