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Kairos Oracle of Eternity



Can I, as a tzeentch player, use kairos's Oracle of Eternity (Once per battle, you can change the result of a single dice roll to the result of your choosing) ability to change the value of my tzeentch opponents Destiny Die when he uses it? 

So , he sets the value of his skyfires hit roll to a 6 with a Destiny Die.  Can I then change that roll to a 1 with this ability?

I've asked a nearly identical question about the Starseer using their rerolls to make a tzeentch player reroll the destiny die once they use it and was met with a lot of backlash, but, I figured if kairos can do it, so can the starseer :D.


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1 hour ago, heywoah_twitch said:

No, finding the faq quote atm. Edit inc.

Edit: you can not re-roll a re-roll, which is why the starseer doesn't work, but I'm not finding anything about "changing the result to another result" twice. 

Destiny dice are not a re roll.  You pick the die and don't roll it first. 

I've never talked to someone who did not agree the starseer can force rerolls of any die (even if it was begrudgingly).  Of all the ambiguities, I believe this one is really clear.  They even added a rule of 1 for basically just this model and Kroak. 

The wording for kairos and starseer are almost exactly the same with regards to the action itself.

...re-roll any single dice...
...change the result of a single dice...
If anything, the starseer reads more in favor of universality than kairos.
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