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Flexible Movement Trays


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Spotted somebody pimping these out on Facebook yesterday and thought I'd post here too.  Basically somebody has created movement trays which are pivoted together rather than static, so you can wrap your models round opponents.  Now I have no idea how practical this is or even if it really works!  Thoughts?


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 Yeah I seen those as well,,interesting for sure.

 I still think they would get in the way more often then not.Movement of models in this game needs to be more freeform than it may seem.I know I like to have the ability to move my blobs in any shape possible.I can see myself using these only for the first turn or so then pulling them off the rings as armies close in on each other,this would be a hastle I think.
  Perhaps though for backfield ranged units or static defence units it would be useful.

  Either way im going to hold off until a free print copy is available online then print some up myself to see how they work,heh.


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I made those.

Fair warning as you're one of the first results on google to come up with a suggestion of using a rip-off of my work; it's a protected design - I put a fair amount of effort into getting the range of frames working and practical as well as looking 'good enough' without paint or assembly work. As such, I am entitled to, and will protect my commercial interests with respect to the design. This applies to any unauthorised copying, derivation or distribution of the product and/or design.

With that little nugget out of the way, if you want to try them on the cheap I do give the occasional misprint away for free in the UK on various channels.

Not sure how much other detail I can put here without annoying the mods. I'll have a word. :-)



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