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The Everchosen Awakes (partially)


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Hi All,

This is my first post so I'm sharing my current army in its current stage. It is currently 79 SCGt points and I want to get it to 100 so suggestions to do that would be great! Also included my current WIP which is Dorghar/Archaon. I went with this pretty crazy orange striping that I'm not sure is gonna turn out but please CC that and Archaon. 





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Orange striping definitely works. If you've got a brush small enough, I'd add a line of yellow into it to make it glowing. Army's looking good so far, so keep at it!


Boobsnake lord is an excellent combo with Archaon and the Varanguard. Letting them pile in twice (or three times!) means that you can maximise the damage your very limited amount of troops can do.

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