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Found 12 results

  1. Hi all, Finally I can field my Everchosen at a somewhat decent level. So far the list is: Slaves to Darkness: 2000 points Legion: Host of the Everchosen Varanguard Circle: Sixth Circle Leaders: Archaon = 800 points /w Mask of Darkness & Aura of Slaanesh Battlelines: Varanguard x3 /w 1x Fellspear, 2x Ensorcelled Weapon & Mark of Slaanesh Varanguard x3 /w 1x Fellspear, 2x Ensorcelled Weapon & Mark of Slaanesh Varanguard x3 /w 3x Fellspear & Mark of Slaanesh Warscroll Battallions: Overlords of Chaos Current Total: 1820 Now, I need help with what to do with the spare 180. Another hero? Maybe a sorcerer or some beast running around picking off stragglers? Thanks for your help!
  2. Hi all, First off, this list isn't supposed to be competitive, I just like all the models and love running 'elite armies' (I run Custodes in 40K). Anyway, in the previous edition my list was something like this: - Archaon [General] - 3 units of Varanguard - and for allies 2 units of Tzaangor Skyfires I can no longer do this now, since Skyfires are 220 points for 3 and there's another limit on allies as well, but you probably know that anyway. So the list I have now is a simple: Everchosen 2000 points (Actual 1900) Leaders - Archaon [General] = 660 points - Gaunt Summoner of Tzeentch = 180 points Battlelines - Varanguard [3] = 280 points - Varanguard [3] = 280 points - Varanguard [3] = 280 points Warscroll Battalions - Overlords of Chaos = 220 points Total - 1900 points It's a pretty generic one, but that's what I've gone for. I'm assuming I either do some Endless Spells stuff with the remaining points or filter it into Command Points (Not sure how they work yet as I need to pick up my books). What do you guys think, shall I drop the battalion for some allies etc.? Thanks for any help in advance
  3. Is this battalion "The swords of chaos" aloud for use? I can not find it in the azyr app and the point cost for it. (It is from Iromwrap citadel)
  4. So for starters, this isn't really a tactics topic, there are a few of those running around elsewhere. Here I'd like to discuss what we as a community would like to see for the future of the varanguard and the everchosen as a whole. Let's be honest, it's hard to justify brining these guys when points are an issue. So how do we improve them? Costing less points is the obvious choice but I'd like to explore the concept of the circles of the varanguard. The 8 circles have always caught my fancy as an interesting concept. Specialists for the forces of chaos. Doing jobs that the rank and file can't. Basically along the lines of our modern special forces, only chaosy. Now how can we represent that on the battlefield? Let's start with what each one's specialty or description. 1st Circle: Archaon's bodyguards, his personal foot(daemon horse?) soldiers. 2nd Circle: Terror troops 3rd Circle: Infiltrators. 4th Circle: Raiders and pillagers. 5th Circle: Assassins/Executioners/Hunters. 6th Circle: Siege breakers. Destroyers of obstacles. 7th Circle: Cannibals? Gain strength from their enemies? 8th Circle: Leaves nothing but dust. So the varanguard (to my knowledge) are deployed across every realm doing various things for Archaon. Now big A can't be everywhere at once so who takes charge of the varanguard when he isn't around? Since no ranks or titles seem to be present and some chaos lord is certainly not going to order them about I feel that one of them would take command. Likely whomever had the most experience from the group (my guess). What that means in the game is basically some form of lesser hero who could lead them I feel should be present. I personally like the idea of each circle having it's own master (exemplifying its traits) who answers only to Archaon too but that's pushing past the envelope of the fiction that we have available as reference. Here's my example ideas for the rules for the circles (this is keeping them at their current 120pts per model): 1st: When friendly chaos units within 12" of a 1st circle unit take a battleshock test roll 2 dice and take the lowest. 1st circle units may never have their bravery negatively modified in any way. - This is more them as the unshakable foundation of the varanguard. They literally ooze confidence and boost morale around them. 2nd: When enemy units within 12" of a second circle unit take battleshock tests, roll 2 dice and take the highest. Enemy units within 3" of 2nd circle units must add 1 to the result of any battleshock tests. ie: 1 becomes a 2. These guys are the opposite of 1st circle. The enemy is assailed by their darkest fears made manifest. 3rd: Instead of deploying 3rd circle units normally you may set them up in hiding. Units in hiding may set up anywhere on the board more than 6" away from enemy models during the movement phase. This counts as their move for that turn. In the turn that they arrive all attacks made against 3rd circle units in the shooting phase are made with a -2 modifier. Hidden blade and all that. You'll never know when or where they'll strike. 4th: After deployment but before the 1st turn you may make a move action. You may not run as a part of this move. If a 4th circle unit wipes out an enemy unit you may make a charge roll at the end of the combat phase. (wording here is a bit iffy) If the charge is successful the 4th circle unit may make a single attack with one of it's melee weapons. Raiders and outriders are how I imagine them. 5th: Select d3 enemy heroes or monsters to be the quarry of the 5th circle units in your army. 5th circle units may add one to their attacks characteristics and re-roll to hit and wound rolls when making attacks against their quarry. Pick things that scare you and send these guys at it. 6th: When a 6th circle unit makes a charge move every unit without the everchosen keyword within 1" suffers d3 mortal wounds or d6 mortal wounds if the 6th circle unit has 3 or more models. Enemy units may never benefit from cover against attacks made by 6th circle units. 7th: Whenever a unit is destroyed within 3" of a 7th circle unit it heals d3 wounds and may add 1 to their attacks characteristic up to a maximum of 3 additional attacks. 8th: I actually am not sure what to do with these guys. I'm not a rules writer by any means just my ideas.
  5. will varanguard maybe start to become a thing? i mean, if they get their warscroll changed (hopefully) or they do get a good reduction in points they could become useful. they fill a specific role, the high damage cavalry, which isn't too much explored in chaos (and in general). now that they don't break allegiance there can be more of a point to pick them, also because archaon (little) can be still included in every chaos god list and make them hit at +1 and change their keyword, in order to benefit from buffs. the increasing in magic lores and such can make their shield more useful than at the start of the gh1. and of course they are awesome ^^ example: no warscroll change but they are 300 points for 3. would u pick them up or just pass?
  6. Here's my painted Everchosen army. 2k on the nose - thanks to the DoT Gaunt Summoner on foot being 20pts cheaper than the disc version! Hope you like the army. I have it for sale on eBay right now as I'm clearing space for a new painting project (either my FEC or my 4 mammoth chaos army ?) Link to eBay auction https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/252841750723 Khorne armour is tamiya clear red over a ruddy red, silver, red + purple glazed basecoat. nurgle armour is martian ironearth for a lovely cracked paint, rusty effect - painted over with some ruddy oranges. Slaanesh armour is dark purples with gloss varnish on the plates to give a laquered effect.
  7. Cambot1231


    Unleash the Varanguard!
  8. Hi guys I'm continuing to build on my Khorne Bloodbound force and I think I'll will be adding an Everchosen contingent at some point because the minis are incredible. My question is, are Varanguard worth it? How do they perform in scenarios? Is their damage output worth it? They seem pricey points wise. I have the old Archaon mounted on horseback and I plan on getting the new Archaon model at some point. It seems that they need a version of Archaon on the table to be at their best.
  9. Hey all, My Slaves to Darkness are on ebay, the lot is a great way to start a chaos army and it includes 3 varanguard, please check it out / share it about - http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/-/252562737302?
  10. Hello guys! About the second hability of the formation "Overlords of Chaos" called The Will of the Everchosen, the rule applies to any unit Varanguard or only the unit Varanguard of the formation? Thanks for support Doug.
  11. Hello guys! About the second hability of the formation "Overloads of Chaos" called The Will of the Everchosen, the rule rules applies to any unit Varanguard or only the unit Varanguard of the formation? Thanks for support Doug.
  12. Hi All, This is my first post so I'm sharing my current army in its current stage. It is currently 79 SCGt points and I want to get it to 100 so suggestions to do that would be great! Also included my current WIP which is Dorghar/Archaon. I went with this pretty crazy orange striping that I'm not sure is gonna turn out but please CC that and Archaon. Thanks!
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