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High elf: silver helms or reavers


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Hi all. I have 10 silver helms, wondering if its worth it changing one of their arms to equip bows (have alot of spare bow arms from archer set etc).

thinking about a 1000pt army with

2 units with x5 reavers

1 archmage

1 dragon noble (with bow)

2 repeater bolt throwers

10 pheonix guards

1  gryph hound

my thoughts are nukenukenuke

use phonix guard to defend.


ive never played and ive just recently bought all the app stuff. Like evrything (its alot to read) did play alot of warhammer fantasy but that was between the age of 12-16 which is iver 11 years ago. :P

so ive no idea how this will do tbh.



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