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  1. Tooooooo awsoooomeee!! I mean ******, you make me hate my models! Inna good way, kinda. ?
  2. I agree with everything said here. Im in the exact same place tbh. But i have lile 30 done models 250 to go ??
  3. Hi all, i have a set of white lions and whant to umph them up alittle. Been searching the seb for inspiration but im not finding much... anyone have something to share? Any high elf or small model conversions are welcome to. Im a newb and workinf with greenstuff is still hard but im trying to commit to a small hi quality project.
  4. Shot alot og superglue on my privates by acident a couple of weeks ago. Still a little affected by it.... learned me to never paintNstuff in no more than an one piece. Or just you know, use to table instead of cringing down in to a ball of frustration when struggling... nvm what i learned was dont be an idiot and handle superglue with care...
  5. Tomir


    Kinda confused about the weapon choices in the warscroll. My tyrant has a one handed basher and a slicer. does that mean that he gets 6 attacks with the basher and 6 with the slicer for a total of 12 attacks with 3hit 3wound -1rend 2 dmg. If so then thats op. Could decimate entire battlelines in one turn...
  6. I really do feel you, but as an just returning high elf player. High elf, so many high elfs, all dem heroes baby all dem named heroes, footsies. have like 20 heroes and they are now ,-dragon noble-, wtf.... :(( but ill hang in there.
  7. Hi all. I have 10 silver helms, wondering if its worth it changing one of their arms to equip bows (have alot of spare bow arms from archer set etc). thinking about a 1000pt army with 2 units with x5 reavers 1 archmage 1 dragon noble (with bow) 2 repeater bolt throwers 10 pheonix guards 1 gryph hound my thoughts are nukenukenuke use phonix guard to defend. ive never played and ive just recently bought all the app stuff. Like evrything (its alot to read) did play alot of warhammer fantasy but that was between the age of 12-16 which is iver 11 years ago. so ive no idea how this will do tbh.
  8. Omg that base! I feel so lazy, glue+dip in sand and grass surely doesnt cut it anymore. time to stop rushing things and instead have fun ans be patient. Tyty
  9. I have 30+ shadow warriors (old metal) i have 15 pheonix guard (ols metal) 30 spearmen (old) 35+ archers (damn old and soaked in paint) old dragon new dragon 25 dragon knights 15 old white lions 20 new white lions 20 silver helms 2 reapter bolts teclisx2 tyriln 8 diffrent other heroes and mages 2 chariots. i have even more ogres and orcs half as much vampire counts halfs as much beastmen as vampire counts. ive ordered alot of simple green becouse this stuff is old. most is unpainted and alot are still in box. ive just started after 11 years and i was 15 when i quit. have to really learn how to paint well and do terrain and stuff. I like to learn by doing and experimenting but my progress have been slow and ill have to redo some of the minatures ive recently painted. So ive now started to resarch techniqes and tips hoping to get some helpfull insights by trying to imitate alittle. Also having reaaaal big issues trying to settle for a color palette.
  10. Ive seen enough hentai to see where this is going... ?
  11. See topic, heard about said scroll but cant find. have a ton of shadow warriors (old metal ones) maybe 40. And heard there was a synergy.
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