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Coven Throne VS The Sacccharine Goblet


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And here we are.


Cause as it been said in other topics the artifacts doesn't count for the mounts.


In case of the Coven Throne how we do apply it?

Cause none it's a mount, but we have different sources of attacks.

The spirit hosts are still anyway not a mount, otherways it would be the same as for the maidens if you allow them to attack.

Do you want to give it to the queen by herself? But it's not like she's the only "rider" eventually... so...

Do we reevaluate the coven throne thanks to "the saccarine goblet" ?


Sincerly I think all the attack of the model would be improved. The spirit host at the end are still represented as skeleton warriors, wriiths, banshees and knights, so I don't find them compatible with the term of "mount".

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