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DoomWheel Rolling Doom



Dear Man-things. 

I have a question about the Doomwheels "Rolling Doom" ability:

Rolling Doom: When a Doomwheel moves in the movement phase it can move within 3" of enemy models and even roll over them! The first model a Doomwheel moves over each turn is likely to be ground to paste; that model’s unit suffers D3 mortal wounds as the Doomwheel rolls over it. A Doomwheel may still not finish its move within 3" of an enemy in the movement phase, and if it is already within 3" of an enemy it can only retreat or remain stationary.

I have highlighted the part that is giving me trouble the part that is giving me trouble.  here are my questions

Question #1: Dose this meen that a Doomwheel can not make a pile in? (Raw would say yes but that seems absurd as it would make its attacks profile defensive only)

Question #2: Dose a retreating Doomwheel trigger the D3 mortal wounds if it rolls over an enemy model? (I think that it dose and as that seems like the whole point of the thing but I could understand if people disagree and would like to get a consensus.)

Your thoughts are much much appreciated.




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