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Nubgan's Hammers of Sigmar: AoP 2017


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Hey guys, its that time of year I guess when we get ready for Armies on Parade. I missed last year, and so I have made a doubled effort this year to have something presentable and take part in the new format.

I know I find these kind of posts interesting, so if I even inspire one person or make someone interested in taking part or just filling up a few minutes of someones day the effort of putting some pictures up of progress through till end of October will have made it all worth it.

This year I decided from my two considered armies to used my Stormcast, they have been funnest to paint and it gave me a super excuse to buy a Stardrake to have that centre piece model on the board to play with and complete the army.

Disclaimer: I am not the most fantastical painter in the world, and I certainly am not a master sculpter when it comes to scenery, but I really enjoy the process of it all.

Please do feel free to give critique and suggestions as any improvements can only make my chances better right!


My plan then is to have a multi level board, the bottom is a small dungeon that I am going to have a Knight Questor and some Liberators freeing a couple of my Warhammer Quest models (yet to be choosen) from some jail cells. Will also stick some of the enemies in there for a bit of atmosphere. 

The dungeon is leads up to a small building via some stairs, which opens out onto the main board area. 

Next level up is a small hilled area to house some of my ranged troops and beasts, and also the magical ruined tower which can home my Prosecutors.

To the left is a outhang which will have my general looking over the troops.

On the very top level the cliff will house my Stardrake.

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Two 2x2ft MDF boards, two layers of loft insulation to separate the two MDF levels. On a bit of paper I sketched my dungeon idea onto a piece of paper.


Cut out the stairs and dungeon, and using foamboard and some skewers made the doors and benches for the cells. I have used 1x1 inch cut up cork for the ground tiles.


Drawn on the the different bits of the board and lay my models out on the board to make sure I had enough Stormcast. I have the Liberators in the dungeon section, the Stardrake and I am going to get some gryph hounds to fill some more gaps on the upper levels.


Using the stencils I made, I cut up some more insulation so I have the pieces cut out ready to stick together and shape into scenery and hillsides.

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No more nailed the hills together and onto the board.

Made the building Shell.

Crafted some stairs and the fort outcrop.

Dremmel was brought out to shape the bricks on the outcrop.

Made all the cork paving and floors. 

No Progress yet on the underside, we are only half way through the bank holiday weekend though! :D


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Progress was a little slower, but the Stardrake was getting painted.20170903_200535.jpg.6e5f4568637ef8bfea6f8b4a9b2496d0.jpg20170903_200524.jpg.48ba4126fbe638435fc73568a17c0c60.jpg

This afternoon I got everything base painted and the floor mixed up. Did the floor with white emulsion and sand mixed together. snapped up some skewers to start a small wooden barricade on the tall hill.



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Haven't posted for a couple of weeks, but there has been progress! :D

Only Flock and touching up to go on the ground.


Underground is all dingy now, all the furniture and small tweaks to add.


All the furniture for the underground section, Shelves, Chairs and Table to make.
Stairs, Benches for the prisons and doors all painted up.


Had fun putting a bit of character in the cells, graffiti suggestions welcome!  

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