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Does anyone know if there's a list anywhere giving vague summaries of the attacks and skills the characters on the app have? I've bought a couple but I'm planning to use some of my stormcast ogors as some of the stormcast characters, but reluctant to spend the money without know if they're what I'm after.

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Here's a copy-and-paste summary from another website.  Not all of them were reviewed:


  • Aspiring Deathbringer - kills ******
  • Both Exalted Deathbringers (different rulesets, ones a blender and the other a counterattack machine) - kills ****** in different ways
  • Khorne Bloodstoker - the S&M element, can whip allies to give buffs
  • Khorne Bloodsecrator - bloodsecrates ****** and heals.
  • Both Slaughterpriests (exact same but one with ax has better attack stats that synergise better.)
  • Khorne Skullgrinder - smashes ******


  • Black Ark Fleetmaster - limps along faster than most, has a hook which can give extra attacks, resistant to shooting
  • Dark Elf Sorceress - can bladestorm stuff
  • Dark Elf Assassin - even sneakier than the shard
  • Chaos Sorcerer Lord - wants to ****** over Tzeentch because /just as planned/
  • Chaos Lord - changes mark each turn if desired


  • High Elf Loremaster - can chop stuff and blast stuff
  • Nomad Prince (Araloth) - the hawk can eat their eyes
  • Skink Priest - agile and semi-random powers
  • Saurus Oldblood - hard ass mother who can bite and smash
  • Wight King (can either use Krell or the generic guy) - can decapitate people
  • Necromancer - has 2 skeleton pets


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Hope this helps (just gone through the Stormcast stats):

Venator - very agile, very quick, very tough and has some very powerful attacks.  Special bow attack that causes massive damage but gets tapped out and needs respite to untap.  Basically a Questor with wings!

Lord Celestant - similar to the Questor, but has a pretty powerful ranged "Warcloak" attack. 

Lord Castellant - hits fairly hard with his standard attack, Lantern is an area stun but also can cause damage.  Can heal a single wound for each hero with the lantern too.

Lord Relictor - middling hitter but has quite a nice ranged attack too that can affect adjacent models.  Pretty decent healing when you can use it.

Knight Azyros - very agile, very quick, very tough but fairly weak damage wise. Works as a decent buff allowing rerolling of failed attack rolls for missile weapons

Knight Vexillor - middling hitter but has the option to throw out a lot of stuns.  Can transport across the board and also can allow reroll all failed attack rolls.

Knight Heraldor - average hitter, low chance to do area stuns.  Grants heroes a "Onwards to Glory" ability that is a move and attack action.


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