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Mixed Death 2000 pts Tournament


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Hi everyone.

Having a tournament at the end of the month, the last one under GHB1 rules. It'll be semi-competitive but with a few strong lists from the actual meta : Kharadrons clown car, Aetherstrike, maybe a Rukk...

I'm bringing a "what do I have on my shelves" list, trying to make it as optimal as possible :


Allegiance: Death

Vampire Lord On Zombie Dragon (440)
- Deathlance & Shield & Chalice
- Artefact: Cursed Book
Wight King with Baleful Tomb Blade (120)
- Mount: Steed
Necromancer (120)
- Mount: Nightmare
Vampire Lord On Abyssal Terror (220)
- Deathlance

40 x Skeleton Warriors (320)
- General : Inspiring Presence
- Trait: Ruler of the Night
- Ancient Spear & Shield
10 x Zombies (60)
10 x Zombies (60)

Mourngul (400)

Total: 1740/2000

The ideas of the list is to have an (almost) unbreakable skellie wall (5++, 6+++, no battleshock), a possible cannon-ball Mourngul (24" move with the VLoAT), a threatening spike aka VLoZD to take out Heroes or isolated units and 260 pts of summoning. 

Against alpha strikes, I'll deploy the skeletons as a protecting bubble, preparing for counterstrike. Against gunlines, I'll throw my -2 to Hit debuff Monsters duo. Against CC armies, I'll throw my skellies mid-field quickly to block the map and fly over with my Monsters to pick units one by one. The summoning pool is for Spirit Hosts against high rend weapons, Skellies or Zombies for objective grabbing, Morghast for combat impact.

It's very theorycraft at the moment and things can go wrong but I feel that 40 skeletons with Inspiring Presence and a Mourngul under Mystic Shield won't go away in one shooting phase or a single strike.


What do you guys think about it ?



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Considering your troops are mostly on foot, I would suggest to not take your Necromancer and Wight King on a mount. The simple reason being they would stick out of the crowd and become easy targets to shoot at since they'll be in LOS all the time.

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