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Cheap Seraphon Well Painted for Sale

Xanax Lot

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Hi Guys I am not sure why I can't post this in the Sale/Trade section but here it is.


I want to buy a new army but I currently don't have the money for it so I am selling some of my OOP Lizardmen/seraphon on ebay. If you are interested on any of them message me and I can give you a better price then the ones listed on ebay.

Here are the links to my auctions:

OOP Temple Guard Painted to a very good standard.


OOP Kroxigor Unpainted


OOP Inxi Huinxi



Thanks for the interest guys and please spread the word.



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Hi Guys,

The Temple Guard are already sold. Only the Kroxigor and Inxi Huinxi left to go. I am willing to let these two go for a cheap price (25 USD + Shipping) for the two of them.

Let me know if you are interested and we can set something up.


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