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About Me

Found 9 results

  1. Hi Guys I'm going through my old Lizardmen and have come across this guy. He's in good condition, the Terradon is painted (although not to any extraordinary manner) and Tiktaq'To himself has been primed white. I'm based in the UK, is anyone interested in him. I'd be hoping for £10 + P&P but am happy to negotiate.
  2. Hello guys, I don't know if you have seen an awesome campaign on kickstarter that involves awesome lizardmen mianiatures :D Here is the link: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1115856510/lost-kingdom-miniatures-cuetzpal-empire/description They have already completed one KS campaign before this one and the minis were as detailed as they promised (dwarves and orcs) :) Have a good day and I hope some of you will back this awesome project! :)
  3. Hey folks, found some old metal Lizardmen stuff, seems it sells ok on eBay but I prefer to go through channels like TGA to see if there is interest first. 3x metal kroxigors (but no bases, sorry) 6x metal chameleon skinks 1x skink priest UK posting preferable, can take PayPal!
  4. Hello ladies and gents it is a pleasure to meet you all. I am about to start a massive Tzeentch and lizardmen army and figured this would be the best place to show it off. So I guess thats my introduction.
  5. Hi Guys, I am looking to buy the following 2 models, preferably unpainted but can strip them if required: Tehenhauin, Prophet of Sotek Oxyotl Cheers Matt
  6. Feedback is welcomed! Hope you like it, Thanks.
  7. Hi Guys I am not sure why I can't post this in the Sale/Trade section but here it is. I want to buy a new army but I currently don't have the money for it so I am selling some of my OOP Lizardmen/seraphon on ebay. If you are interested on any of them message me and I can give you a better price then the ones listed on ebay. Here are the links to my auctions: OOP Temple Guard Painted to a very good standard. OOP Kroxigor Unpainted OOP Inxi Huinxi Thanks for the interest guys and please spread the word. Best, XL
  8. Hi guys, Just creating this post to place all my pics of my army as I move it to rounds and finish painting it. First guy finished is my carnosaur and old blood. More to come soon :).
  9. Hi Guys, So I'm working on getting something finished for a tournament next month. I was originally going to take spiderfang grots, but with work and uni I'm not able to find the time to paint them to the standard I want. So I've decided to finish a serphon army I started at the end of 8th edition. In 8th edition I used to like playing with Gor-Rok and sticking him in a unit of Saurus to soak up some of the dmg from enemy heroes. I wanted to continue doing something similar in AOS, so decided to go with the sunclaw starhost. The battallion seems pretty good value for what it offers. You're getting rend -1 on your celestite weapons and an additional attack with your jaws/shields. You also gain dmg 2 when attacking chaos daemons with the celestite weapons. So its a considerable buff to the average saurus warrior. Not to mention you're getting an additional artefact due to taking a battalion and fulfilling the battleline requirement for 2k points. With my core chosen I decided to try and work in some buff elements for the saurus. I decided to take a slann for his ability to cast 3 spells a turn, skink starpriest for the +1 to hit buff and an old blood on foot for the re-rolls of a 1 to wound for nearby saurus. I then decided to add a bastilidon with solar engine for some range support and an engine of the gods. I still had 300pts left over and was thinking of taking a carnosaur or something similar, but I've got my carnosaur kitted out as an oldblood so will go with a normal steg instead. The list currently looks like this: Slann Starmaster - 260pts Old blood on foot - great weapon - 100pts Skink starpriest - 100pts Sunclaw starhost - 80pts Sunblood - 120pts - General 30 Saurus - 300pts 10 Saurus - 100pts 10 Saurus - 100pts Bastilidon - Solar Engine - 300pts Engine of the gods - 240pts Stegadon - sunfire thrower - 260pts The idea is you throw all the buffs on the 30 man saurus unit and send them in to try and wreck something. They potentially have 4 attacks ech. 2 hitting on 2s, re-rolling and wounding on 4s re-rolling 1s and another 2 hitting on 3s re-rolling and wounding on 4s re-rolling 1s. Even if for some reason the saurus fail you still have some decent monsters in the list to help carry you to a minor victory. I predict the list will lose to a dedicated shooting or combat list as its more of a take all comers list. In those cases I'd be hoping to win on scenario or fighting for a minor victory/loss. Let me know what you guys think, I've only ever played one game with seraphon and in that I lasered off my opponents whole army by buffing the bastilidon. So it wasn't really a good gauge on how the army actually performs. I'll post some painting progress stuff shortly. Thanks! Crispen
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