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Mhornar Test Scheme



Quick post today to show my paint scheme. I've almost got it as I imagined...though I've still got my work cut out for me as far as creating the clouds goes. I envision swirling clouds, with some parts of it dark blue/green and black with veins of yellow (aethergold) coming through. I'm still working on that, I spent some time last night dyeing cotton and just couldn't get it to come out right.

The other thing I was going to do was swirling reds and oranges in the 'chamber' of the guns, but it was just too busy with color. That's too bad, as I'm going to be doing some different OSL around the model. 

I still have some highlights to do, and I want to create some more tonal variation in the beard.


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I like it so far!  Regarding the clouds - that is tough.  I would also have started with cotton.  I have had some success using fine to medium grade steel wool (used it to make flames) as it can be formed and the fine pulls nicely.  It can still be a bit tricky to paint, and can "break" if roughly handled (the fine wool), but it may be a useful alternative. 

Another possibility, though seasonal, is to use big piles of milkweed or cottonwood seeds.  Very fluffy and white - but would be hard to paint.


Aether gold is technically invisible I think, so you wouldn't have to show it, but once you get a cloud idea together, you could intertwine golden thread if you are looking for  thin veins of aether-gold.

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I love that color scheme, great job! I really like the very 'functional', no-fuss color scheme, with the vibrant blue spot color really popping out.

Good luck re the clouds...

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5 hours ago, Dibdab said:

Like the scheme but think the red cross on the white needs tightening up

That's temporary, I'm going to end up painting over it :)

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1 hour ago, Dez said:

I have a 1000 points painted to tabletop so far, I need to update pics :)

Yes. Yes you do....


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