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Another work in progress.

The idea is a Seraphon strike force in the realm of shadows Ulgu or even darker places. These Lizards have adapted to their environment.
Trapped from their brethren they survived chaos and slowly turned from prey to predator.

Main inspiration are the Predator Movies. Because they are so far away from other Seraphon they created their own culture of danger and hunting the most dangerous daemons.

Also have some black Ripperdactyl Riders and of course Chameleon Skinks which in the realm of shadows become a true terror.

Excuse the bases. Right now I have them this way because the models become more visible. I plan to make dark grey/green swamp bases. They will really blend in then.








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hard to tell any thing coz of the pictures, try doing a light box. I do not wish to sound like an ass but you can see what I have done for almous no money and the effect you can achive. And coz it was I who did it You can do better.

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Better, they are inded dark and grim, you can try the new gem paints from GW they are easy to use and this miniatures give lots of usses for them

Keep the good work

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I did 6 of the guys for my friend back when I could paint, and for me the blue one works super but red should also be right, I do not think that in case of green Lizrds green one works


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