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Change is coming...





Like the rest of the Age of Sigmar community I was really enthused and excited by the new Disciples of Tzzeentch Battletome. I was lucky enough to get hold of some of the Kairic Acolytes which I painted up for my new force. A couple of things that I think are worth noting - the basing plans are to tie in with the rest of my Chaos force rather than having their own unique basing scheme. I'd love to have done a desert themed basing scheme for them as they have a really cool egyptian style look to them. 

The kit is great - you can make the models up pretty quick and they go together beautifully as you would expect. 


I used a really simple skin recipe of mourning brown spray, sandro dust spray and a wash of sepia or Reikland flesh shade. It gives quite a nice dark, sun kissed type of skin tone. As these are supposed to be quick I have really focussed on not going back in and adding extra detailing to the skin. I will try to spend the time on the characters and monsters in the list. The shields I kept separate so that I could quickly airbrush on the fade and get them done quickly. I find my airbrush to be a very fickle beast, but when it works it is a real time saver for this kind of effect


Once the skin was all done the detailing was finished and kept simple. I used a lot of bright blues combined with purples and whites. As you can probably imagine the biggest time sink on these models is doing the gold trim. There is absolutely no way that these can be speed painted. you have to take care to keep it neat. I have seen on the Warhammer TV that Duncan does the gold first and then paints in the panels, and I can see how that would work, but at the moment I'd rather keep the gold as the final stage. 



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Cool work! How did you do the black recesses between the armor plates and the gold trim? Did you use GW Nuln Oil gloss? Thanks! 

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