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Introduction & Preface



Hi Everyone,

With this blog I'm hoping to join a community of painters, storytellers, hobbyists, and miniwarlords. AOS has captured my imagination after nearly 20 years away from the hobby. Here you'll find the tales of my dwarf clan with pictures of the accompanying models. As competitive gaming isn't what has me hooked, you'll find this blog centered on narratives and creating lore. If you're looking to stick to competitive lists and the finer points of rules, this won't be for you. With the newly leaked pictures of the Stormcast rangers and gryph-cavalry, I feel AOS has driven home the message that if you can imagine it and give it life through models and fluff, it's fair game within the Mortal Realms. Please feel free to leave your thoughts after reading, as this will remain a work in progress. 

With that out of the way, let me introduce King Rungi Roreksson, Revenger of the Karakigrom Clan. 


Rungi is a young king, striking out from Azyr with his battered-but-healing clan and their allies to reclaim a foothold in Chamon. Karakigrom means "defiant mountaineer" in the old dwarf language of Khalizad, and just as they tamed an icy peak in the World-That-Was and carved it into a home, the few clan members who awoke in the Realm of Metal had the audacity to attempt the same there. Generation after generation lived and died piecing together tatters of memories and fragments of legend to reconstruct their history. That is, until the forces of chaos returned to destroy everything they had built. Grieving and downtrodden, the Karakigrom took refuge in Azyr. With Sigmar now deciding to wage his war, the time is right for Rungi to wage his as well. He and his blood seek to fulfill the greatest of grudges in their Dammaz-Kron, the Barazi-Wyr. Barazi-Wyr, or Ice's Promise, state's that the Karakigrom will strike back at the forces of Chaos, avenging their ancestors and creating a sanctuary for all duardin to reclaim their honor. Rungi believes this to be the purpose for his existence, and has committed himself single-mindedly to the task. 

...More tales to come...


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