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Hello world



Hello world. 

I decided to start a shiny new blog here to report on my round based journey into the Mortal Realms.  Going forward with this new game and new army/s it made sense to start a fresh blog.  I've previously played High Elves and now maintain a massive Orcs & Goblins army (Orruks & Grots for you young whippersnappers). You can see my greenskins on Da Warpath.  Below is a hidden montage of my best miniatures to date.



I find gaming casually using my greenskins on square bases works just fine using a "virtual round base" mentality, but specifically for AoS I've started working on a Freepeoples Em-pire army. (Its technically my partner Emily's army that I'm making for her/us to play with, hence the hyphen). Also with my greenskin roots I've naturally bought all the latest Ironjawz models and will likely pickup any future greenskin releases, so they might appear here along with terrain and anything else I decide to mutter about.

The Freepeoples Em-pire so far:

  • 3 Generals (1 mounted and 1 with a banner)
  • 4 Wizards
  • 1 Witch Hunter (to keep the Wizards in check)
  • 1 Master Engineer
  • 20 Swordsmen
  • 20 Hand Gunners
  • 6 Knights Panther
  • 10 Archers
  • 1 Cannon
  • 1 Helstorm Rocket Battery
  • 1 Helblaster Volley gun

Not very powerful I know, but it's about 80% a painting/modeling project and only contains models I really like. I don't intend to expand it much beyond this, (maybe just a Griffon and some Demigryphs), just to keep the project manageable.  I've assembled most of these and after much deliberation and painting of test models (about 20 in total) I've settled on a teal, navy blue and yellowy green colour scheme.  Here are the two test models that I felt happy with:


I wanted to try and steer away from any particular province from the world that was and I intend to remove as many of the Karl Franz references from the army as possible, (at this time he's kinda myth/legend) where as Sigmar is obviously fine as he is the here and now.  These are just test models but critical feedback on these or any of my stuff is most welcome as I'm always trying to improve.

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