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Riders of the Last Sunset




Hi guys!

I finally managed to finish the conversion on my chariot! It took me forever and it involved a lot of kitbashing, repositioning and green stuffing, but in the end I am quite happy with the result.

Again, the idea is to convey a Bronze Age feel with this piece, inspired by Achilles chariot in the Iliad.

I will start painting it as soon as I can but it will probably take me ages to finish it knowing my average speed.

Bits come from the HE chariot sprue, white lions, phoenix guards and WE glade riders (the horses). I always liked the concept of HE chariots but the original plastic kit did not age well, too many chunky and clumsy bits like the reins and the static poses of the crew. With this conversion I tried to update the kit by adding a bit more movement and action to the characters. 

New reins and harness were converted using thin plasticard strips and I did not attached them to the horses yet to grant me more freedom while painting.

Let me know if you have any comment/suggestion.





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Hey Kramer, as Cincinnatus said that's a phoenix guard helmet with the crest from the eldar dire avengers... all my elves are done like that, it takes some time but the result is rewarding.


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