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The Aeskhaine




Good evening,

Quick update on something I have been working on today... The chariot is half assembled on my workbench, but today I received some bits frome the wild riders kit and an idea struck me, so I followed the inspiration!

I was always intrigued by the small reference in ET Khaine to a faction called Aeskhaine, who fought alongside Tyrion in his last battle for the Isle of the Dead... These elves are the degenerate ones who succumbed to the Shadow of Khaine and became bloodthirsty killers with nothing else than slaughter in mind... Kind of korne elves if you want. But what I really liked was the fact that, despite having much in common with DE whitches, they kept an high elf aesthetic which made them really look like sad shadows of former noble creatures and I always wanted to transfer this into a model... I made a first try few months ago using the Dark Eldar Mandrakes to convert one, and although it worked fairly nicely, I just could not bring myself to work with resin minis, I really prefer plastic by a long way. So I parked the project until today, as I was going through the Wild riders bits I saw a lot of potential for an Aeskhaine Conversion.

It was not that simple in the end, but it turned out nice I think... I used the upper torso, arms and hair of a wild rider, head is form the doomfire warlocks, legs of a white lion and gauntleted right arm from the Silver tower Tenebrael Shard... And a bit of GS to make the magic happen!

Really satisfied on the result, which kind of reming me the old illustration of khaine that used to grace the banners of my fellow DE players back 10/15 years ago.

See you next time, hopefully with a painted version of this guy or a fully assembled chariot!








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