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The Doom of Belegar, a new campaign for you!

Darth Alec


For the next update of Battletome: The End Times, you'll get your hands on the new Mighty Battles campaign system. Mighty Battles logo PNG.png

The Mighty Battles is a system for narratively linking your games, creating a campaign for two players. Each battle will have an effect on the overall campaign. These campaigns are short, usually between 3-6 battles, and easy to play using whatever forces you have. Designed to be played over a few weeks, a weekend or even a single day, the Mighty Battles lets you quickly and effortlessly play out great stories. There are many campaigns already included, featuring some awesome moments from the End Times. Also included is a helpful guide to let you build your own campaigns and create your own narrative in Age of Sigmar.


I'm also proud to announce that each book will have its own campaign. That means you'll get 5 campaigns in this new update! 1 from each Nagash, Glottkin, Khaine, Thanquol and Archaon. You'll have loads to do, and it will be even easier to do it. Just grab a campaign, grab a mate and get at it. Each is designed to be able to finish in a weekend at the most. For the true enthusiasts out there, there's even a recreate the battle section, so you can have a truly authentic experience!


I'll even be revealing the first campaign right here; It's the Doom of Belegar!



Picture not illustrative! Following the final battles of Queek and Belegar, this campaign is a no-holds barred affair. Endless reinforcements and disregarding battleshock makes this a bloody and desperate war. This campaign was originally taken from the Thanquol book, but has been redesigned to better fit AoS.


Lets get into the rules! Some of this won't make much sense since you guys don't have the base rules yet. Don't worry about it, it's not very complicated.

Mighty Battles Teaser 2.png


As you can see, the Defenders will be nearly impossible to shift. Yet the Besieger will have the troops to bear down on them. It fundamentally changes how the battleplans work, driving home the feeling of skaven hordes versus stalwart dwarfs.


As for the campaign tree itself, take a look!

Mighty Battles Teaser 3.png

Just start at the top and follow the arrows! The victor usually gains some small benefit, but nothing is garantueed. No matter how things go, the campaign will last a simple 3 battles. Easily achievable in a long day or weekend of warhammering. Also note how none of the wordings are faction specific. You can use any units and armies you want! In fact, I've been playtesting this with Stormcast vs Ironjaws, two factions that didn't even exist then! It's a flexible system for all players. It doesn't matter if you play Skaven, Dwarfs or any other faction. You don't even need to have played during the days of WHFB, the campaigns work for everyone!

Here's even a picture of a playtesting session. This is from the very first battle. The Ironjaws are about to move a ludicrous distance (they could move even further than normal thanks to a stratagem), and my poor stormcast got a proper beating.



That's a small sneak peak of the next update! Coming November 19th. Remember to check out the Battletome: End Times right here on TGA for a collection of 49 battleplans and 6 time of war scrolls!

Mighty Battles Teaser 1.png


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I have run bits and pieces with my local club, but with an update to do linked battles I think it is time to start a "New Army Escalation League".  Thanks for the continued support your pouring into this!

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