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Thomas Lyons



I have a small treat to share with you all today!  As many of you likely know, Vince and I are headed off today for Holy Havok this weekend and we're super stoked.  For those that don't know about Holy Havok, it is a new team narrative event/tournament in the Chicago area which is put on by the Holy Wars club and, much like its predecessor Holy Wars GT, it is renowned for its fantastic tables.  This event was organized prior to the General Handbook's release so it has some pretty interesting force composition rules.  Teams are instructed to bring 24 Warscrolls of forces from a single grand alliance (so both Archaon and 10 Plaguebearers would count as a single Warscroll choice for example) but it is well known that the five scenarios are going to be based around objectives that require a high model count.  So while Archaon is clearly not equal in power level to 10 plaguebearers, teams need to build their list in such a way as to have both high model counts and enough killing power to neutralize enemy forces (all while not knowing the scenarios).  Vince and I devoted a Warhammer weekly episode to the event where we had the head of the Holy Wars Council Steve Herner on so I'd encourage you to check it out here.  You can also read more about these narrative events at their website.  

If you've been following Warhammer Weekly, you know that Vince and I have put together a Chaos force centered around The End Times and Archaon's attempts to gather the same personalities and bring about the end -- again.  The "surprise" today is that I'm making available the army booklet with the background narrative to our force, the war scrolls with images of our models,  and the composition of our (filthy) list which we've been talking about for a couple months.  You can download our "army book" here.  Please understand that while the pictures are ours, we do not own the photo images used they are the property of their respective owners.  This is an amateur fan-made army book for this event and no profit will be made off of it.  

For those interested in following the events, Beasts of War will be live blogging the events this weekend and you'll likely see some updates from us here and in some live stream videos that I'll post as well.

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