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The start of a Journey



A year ago when Age Of Sigmar came out I like so many was unsure, but for different reasons. 

My hobby has always been driven by models as I really like to make my army out of models I like to a theme. With this in mind when the new rules came out the 2 forces did not take my fancy, the other thing was I didn't just want to play one of my 8th edition Warhammer armies in the game.

I wanted something new, so for the last year I've kept an eye out but have not got into the game, but that all changed when the new Orruks came out. My favourite model of the release was the boss on Maw crusha so that is where my journey will begin. 

After buying the Destruction grand alliance book I looked through and have decided the theme of my army is going to be a beast master type list with trolls, Aleguzzler Gargants, Maw Crushas and the Stonehorns/ thundertusks. But to keep it all in a theme I'm going to try put armed plates on the ogres and trolls so they have an Orruk type look.

To start the blog here is my progress so far on my Maw Crusha



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Great start. I love the Maw-krusha sculpt - crouching low and looking enormous - a nice chance from the recent batch of 'leaping in the air' winged beasts and characters.

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Love the idea of the army theme, I'd been thinking something similar. This Orruk release hooked me!

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