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The Ard boyz development




Just before I started the Maw Crusha I found out some black orcs I had from 8th edition and decided to test my colour scheme. So here is the progress it's a dark red with cream dags on their armour. The skin is more of a camo style green rather than the normal vivid green as I wanted a menacing more natural look to it. 

After reading the different threads in the forum I feel I have made an error in my choice of weapons I started with but I will look through my others and slowly build up a pool of Ard boyz painted up so I can pick and choose what I want the unit to have in each game. 

Still trying to decide on the basing but will be working out colours and grass tufts/ clump foliage over the next few days so will keep updating you on my progress.



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Don't worry about the weapons, get some games in and see how you feel. I have no shields in my ten and they seem to operate fine without them, considering I only play 1000.

Good choice on the green, always better to go for a natural skin tone when using coloured armour.

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