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To the Walls!



The new Blood Shed is rapidly rising from the earth!  Most of the walls are almost complete and the first sections of roof have gone on.  You can just about see the corner of the old Blood Shed on the right hand side of the first photo. Sorry, not the best photo of the external progress (I was looking after the kids so trapped in the house).


The new building will be used exclusively for geekery: AoS, hobbytime, D&D etc. etc.  The floor is 13x18' and the plan is to have two 6x4' gaming tables in there.  I'm going to lay the room out in such a way that the gaming boards can be slid over to rest on the hobby benches, to allow four 6x4's when needed.  Difficult to explain but all shall be revealed. Hopefully, we'll have an eight may AoS tournament at some point over the summer - maybe with even more players, if the weather sorts itself out and we can have some tables outside.

The interior!  I can almost see the ghostly outlines of the friends who'll play and be merry in here for years to come.


I've included two of the interior of the old shed for comparison.



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