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Work Begins



By popular demand, a project blog of the building of my new man shed.  

Somehow (I'm already confused as exactly how, though I'm not questioning) in the recent past, I persuaded my wife to agree, as part of a whole garden rejig, to allow me to rebuild my man shed.  We moved house a couple of years back and I was lucky enough to find myself the proud owner of a 30ft shed/garage.  Apparently, the previous owner had built it specially to house his boat.  Fun nerdy times were had, but it quickly became clear that the roof leaked and, before long, the whole place would collapse in on us if we rolled too many dice at once.

Fast forward two years, the wife wants the garden done, so it's time to clear out the old, and start anew.  @Ben suggested I blog the build as it appears, so here's the initial photos after two or three days.

So far, it's just a concrete base, with the six supporting posts set in the concrete,(complete with obligatory handprints) and the beginnings of walls.  I opted to use floorboards to construct the walls, rather than shiplap, as it was considerably cheaper.

I'll probably post everyday with progress reports.  Hopefully the whole thing shouldn't take long.


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I'm not skilled at all.  The guy in the doorway on the second photo is a mate who's doing it all on his own.  I'd never seen anything he's done so it was a totally gamble when he said he was capable, but he swore he could do the biz.  It's paying off a treat so far.  Couldn't fault it.

The office half of the shed in your link looks really snug and warm.  I've been spoiled recently because all of my hobby stuff has been in the spare room.  Really hope this new place retains some heat.  It should do, as we're insulating the whole thing.

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I'm planning a similar build for later his year/early next.

I had a couple of tree(lords) chopped down in prep for the base going in,  greenhouse and summer house to go soon too.

I'm wanting to go hi-spec on mine.  Super cosy warm, solar on roof powering underfloor heating, sound proofed and video studio.  It helps to be a tradesman :)



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Wow!  Sounds pretty fancy!  I had to shift a couple of greenhouses too.  Nothing gets in the way of the Blood Shed.

We mentioned underfloor heating yesterday.  It'll be something for the future I think, or the next build...

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I've just installed it in my bathroom.  It went down really easy and is cheap to run too.  

I'd also thing about a woodburing stove with the flue straight out the roof. it will heat that whole place up.  

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A wood burning stove would be a real treat. Not the best plan for drunken game nights though. Also, space is at a premium for me, even with this beast of a shed.

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Yeah it's huge but you want to be able to have 4 tables setup at once. Our gaming group has gotten that big!

I really need a greenhouse Ben, if you're getting rid how much for postage?

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11 minutes ago, Painted by G said:

Yeah it's huge but you want to be able to have 4 tables setup at once. Our gaming group has gotten that big!

I really need a greenhouse Ben, if you're getting rid how much for postage?

I just gave greenhouse away! 

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We had a metal framed one and a crazy amount of glass. We just let someone come and take at the end of last year. ?

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