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Tale of Gamers! Hobby Progress?

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It's been a while since I last posted, I'd love to say I've been really busy and had loads of stuff that has gotten in the way of hobby, but the fact is I've just been really really lazy. Fortunately for me my local gaming group are keen motivators, finding that delicate balance between getting me to paint and making me feel small and insignificant!

So, whats new?

Tale of Gamers! With AoS being fairly new, and having taken on some fresh blood recently, we decided to run a tale of gamers style painting challenge so we could get a decent sized force painted up. If you fail to paint what you commit to at the beginning of the month, then £20 MUST be paid into the club's kitty as a fine, and some tasty new terrain will be bought with the proceeds!

The challenge started with 8 of us, 3 doing Order, 3 doing destruction and 2 doing Chaos. This blog over the next few months will be following my progress with this challenge, I'll try and do a mid-month update with WIP pictures with a final post at the end of the month with my finished commitments. 

The other guys in the challenge are blogging on the club website, and you can find all their stuff here.

So on to month 1!

Month 1 was going to be huge! The challenge officially started in July, and I was signed up to Reign of Stars in August, and I wanted to take my Ironjawz with me to that. So the challenge was laid out, 2000(ish) pts of green fury tabletop ready. The plan was to get everything base coated and washed, and then as the challenge progressed, return to the army and get everything up to my usual "standard". Here is what I had laid out in front of me:

  • Gordrakk, Fist of Gork
  • Megaboss
  • Warchanter
  • Weirdnob Shaman
  • 2 x 5 Brutes
  • 3 Goregruntas
  • 3 x 10 Ardboys

A monumental challenge, that's a huge amount of stuff to paint in 1 month, I was either going to arise victorious from a paint-soaked hole somewhere in the heart of Dorset, or I was going to get nothing done.

I got nothing done...

Literally nothing. I gave myself so much to do, I didn't even know where to start. I had to give my place away at Reign of Stars as I had no army to take and I'm £20 out of pocket due to the fine of not getting my commitment done. After a significant amount of "motivation" from our clubs WhatsApp chat, I decided that I would more realistic next month.

Fingers crossed for month 2?

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