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Wow! Progress!



I'm finally back! I had a couple of hours to put some more paint on my saurus. Painting 20 of those guys make me feel SOOOO slow... I mean, I AM slow, but well..

I have few pictures now, not that I finished them, but I'm few step closer to the end of those 2 units!

First of all, the skin! After the base color, I used temple guard blue to give a bit of light, I wanted them to be "blue" instead of "greenish", so I actually followed WHTV guide :) 

After that, I used a dusty white to highlight the skin, I'm not sure if this was the right choice, as they looks too white now, but I think I like it anyway. Well, I'm not aiming to GD now, I just want some paint on them to be playable!

temple guard-skin.jpgpallid wych - light.jpg

I'm not sure that's the right order but anyway, I used Skink Blue on the scales, to highlight them quickly and with a small effort! I think the final effect is acceptable, and I'm still not sure if I really want to apply a war-paint.. I guess I'll have to finish them and think about that later.


Started on details, finally! Used a Averland Sunset as a base on the eyes, will use then a brighter yellow to finish them.


Zandri dust on weapons, teeth and claws as a base for the ushabti bone - then I'll probably use a sepia as a wash and then back with ushabti to highlight.


Finally, I started basing the shields with balthasar gold - I'm aiming to obtain a bronze color on the shields, and I'll finish them with a hint of nihilak oxhide (or however it is written) to give a rusty effect.


Can't wait to finish them! 

I'm now in a hotel room for a couple of nights, I hope I can put some more paint on those poor models!

As always, C&C are really appreciated! 

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Thank you! :) 

I know I'm not the bast painter, neither those are my masterpieces :) But I have to say that even if I don't generally like 5th Ed. Saurus, with some paint on they became at least interesting! Also I'm gaining control on my brush, which is for the best!

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I do prefer the skin to lean towards blue rather than green so I am deffo a fan of these. Be good to see them all finished later. Gj :)

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