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Good to be back in action




Christmas came and Christmas went. I did barely nothing over the festive period and it really took it out of me, hobby time wise. It's hard to get back into the habit when you've had a bit of time away but last week I forced myself to find my groove again. Felt really good to get back underway again. My motivation was also hit as at the minute I've zero opportunity to get a game in. My FLGS has been forced to relocate so until it reopens (hopefully, selfishly, somewhere as equally close to me!) I'll not be gaming at all. Real shame. Painting and whatnot, to me, is a necessary evil - something that needs to be done to get a lush army on the table. From past experience I know that if I'm not gaming then my painting slows down even further. I'm aware of it this time though so hopefully I'll be able to keep the pace up.

With that said, the below pics are where I'm at. Base colours done and done. Not all are, however, as some (e.g. the shoulder symbol), I want to do once all layering's completed. The last base colour was leadbelcher and I've also been tidying up models as I go as well. I've been uhming and ahing though as I kind of want to change to painting unit by unit. I'm finding it really hard to paint the whole army. The initial plan was to get all models with base layers and then washed. At this point I'd then put them on their bases, which would also have base layers and wash. To me, that would be table top standard and I'd be good to game with them whilst I continue. I'm thinking of getting them all to this standard one unit at a time though. I'm finding that trying to paint the whole army, I'm more slapdash than I ever was before. I want to give my all to my models. I want to do my best. If this means that I'm slow then so be it... I think I need to learn to love to hobby how I hobby - at my own pace.

Anywho, hope everyone's well and enjoying 2022 so far.   





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Forgot to mention, the keen eyed amongst you will notice I've changed the leather from red to baneblade brown. I was never sold on the previous red and I watched a tutorial from the Brush and Boltgun (love this channel) on red leather. Thought it looked mint so gonna follow his advice. 

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I'm always surprised by what a lick of wash will do. There's carroburg crimson on the brown, followed by goregrunta fur. Agrax is also on the gold. 




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