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AoS Reminders v2.5.2 - Cities of Sigmar and Orruk Warclans!



Hey everyone!

AoS Reminders has been updated with Cities of Sigmar and Orruk Warclans.




Go check it out now :)


Full Changelog:


Added Orruk Warclans and Cities of Sigmar


  • Re-arranged the Subscribe page
  • Fixed some minor spacing issues on the Profile page


  • Updated both API's to use query rather than scan
    • Users may notice slightly faster retrieval times
    • I notice slightly lower DynamoDB bills :)

Project Maintenance

  • Added generic <Link /> components
  • Added a generic <NotificationBanner /> component for the application
  • Added more detail to certain subscriber events in Google Analytics


  • Condensed PDF output - less wasted whitespace
  • Condensed spell descriptions - removed "If successfully cast, ..."
  • Fixed a couple bugs when naming PDFs to be downloaded (@exonian)
  • Moved FEC delusions from Traits to Allegiances (@Zirhark)
  • Added Be'Lakor
  • Added Soul Grinder
  • Like 2
  • LOVE IT! 1


Recommended Comments

Release: v.2.5.4


  • A user's current selections will be retained when logging in or subscribing.
    • Previously, when a user left the page, they would lose all their selections, which could be pretty annoying!
    • Credit to @wspencermiller for the idea
  • Hide "By Davis E. Ford" on small screens, taking up too much valuable real estate
  • Removed .txt import for Warscroll Builder
    • This feature was not used enough to justify the continual maintenance.


  • Failed list imports are now shipped off to S3 for further debugging #572
    • This allows us to work with the original text and reconstruct any issues
  • Refactored the cancellation API

Project Maintenance

  • Updated redux-starter-kit
  • Updated auth0-spa-js
  • Updated core-js
  • Added a ton of unit tests for PDF imports


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Added Battlescribe import support! 



Just save your Battlescribe list as HTML and drop it in AoS Reminders :)

Edited by daviseford

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