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AoS Reminders v2.3.0 - Import Azyr Lists from PDF!



Hey everyone, I'm really happy to announce that AoS Reminders can now handle Azyr PDFs! This took me a LOT of time and effort to figure out, but I think the result is pretty darn cool. Just export your list from Azyr and then drop it in - it will be automatically parsed, and your reminders will be ready for you :)


Pretty cool, right?

If you come across any bugs or any wonky behavior please let me know! I wrote a ton of tests, but there are so many ways to configure armies in AoS that I'm sure I missed a case.

You can find the full changelog here: https://github.com/daviseford/aos-reminders/releases/tag/v2.3.0

I've copy pasted it below:

Added Azyr PDF import functionality (!!!!!!)

  • Added Google Analytics events to track errors and usage of this feature
  • Added 47 test PDFs for broad test coverage
  • Added unit tests for PDF parsing
  • Added source detection - the same dropzone handles Warscroll Builder text/pdf files, and Azyr pdf files
  • Generalized PDF import logic between Warscroll Builder and Azyr
  • Added `PDF.js` (from Mozilla) dependency in order to parse Azyr files


  • Select menus now stay open until closed (by exonian)
  • Improved mobile formatting on smaller screens


  • Fixed a bug where imported allegiance abilities would display on screen, but the user would be incorrectly warned about them
  • Added more typo translations from Warscroll Builder 
  • Added a better error when unable to parse a Warscroll Builder PDF (thanks to AoS Shorts)
  • Added a warning for allied units that were not correctly marked as "Allies" in Warscroll Builder
  • Improved searching for matches when importing from Warscroll Builder


  • Updated spelling for a few units/artifacts/allegiances
    •   `Blade of the Desecrator`
    •   `Bleating Gnarlstaff (Brayherds)`
    •   `Brokk Grungsson, Lord-Magnate of Barak-Nar`
    •   `Thunderscorn Stormherd`
    •   `Nurtured by Magic`
    •   `Great Bray-Shaman`
    •   `Tireless Endrinrigger`
    •   `Kurdoss Valentian, the Craven King`
    •   `Infernal Enrapturess, Herald of Slaanesh`
    •   `Hunter of Godbeasts (Pretenders Host)`
  • Google Analytics is no longer initialized when running tests
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