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AoS Reminders v2.0.0 - New Mobile Look!




What's up guys?

I'm excited to bring you the latest updates from AoS Reminders!

In the last few weeks, we...

  • Added FEC Endless Spells
  • Added Ironjawz Spells
  • Added Wanderers faction
  • Fixed Slaanesh, Fyreslayer, and IDK, and Slaanesh
  • Added all of the Grand Alliance armies (Chaos, Order, Death, Destruction)
  • Were featured on Rolling Bad's podcast and Spikey Bits

Here's a quick demo of the new mobile experience:


Our desktop experience is pretty much the same - but prettier!

I wrote this cool blog entry reflecting on three months of whirlwind progress. Give it a read if you want to learn the why's and hows of how we built this thing.

As always, we welcome feedback and constructive criticism.

For those of you attending the NOVA Open, I'll see you there :) I'll be the tall guy in an AoS Reminders t-shirt walking around handing out stickers - come see me for a free one!



Recommended Comments

Very nice little app!  There are a few errors/missing FAQ on the Deepkin section. If I get some time I could try to contribute via github but I am swamped at the moment.


Will definitely use this though!

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