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The knights of Blacklake begin to ride!




Today I finally began my project for my shyish themed bretonnians (who will be taking some mousillon inspiration) and began it in style with some grail knights!

These are mostly the more modern plastic brets (will have fancy nice shield paintings) and a baron to lead the squad! (We'll ignore the fact there's no squad sgt rules ;) ) whilst making him I accidentally broke his sword when getting it off the sprue! So decided ****** it he's getting a cool broken sword and I'll give it a story. He's also gonna have a nice horse once my green knight horse is stripped (got horse but no rider secondhand)





I'm still working on the lore for the kingdom of blackreach but so far it is a kingdom in shyish where all its lords and ladies are skilled in necromantic arts and worship 'the lady of blacklake' who may in the future be getting an avatar model for her (likely using the stats of the avatar of khaine with a prophetess to awaken her) It should be a fun project all in all ^_^


Next steps are to sort out some metal knight errants I have and get my secondhand knights of the realm stripped 

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Holy ****** someone is willingly starting a brettonia inspired army...

We need more cav heavy armies in this game. I'm looking forward to seeing how this turns out. As for lore inspiration, you could take the obvious idea of vampirism being a respected trait among nobles. Or you could take a spartan approach and have the orders of knights see death in glorious battle as the ultimate honour and a right of passage before they end up a black knight in nagash's endless legions (as i doubt a single corpse in shyish get's to rest in the realm of the great necromancer).  And how about a dark twist? The entity they worship as the lady is merely an aspect of nagash, as the soul of the fey enchantress is one of the few used in his resurrection, that absorbed soul became an aspect of him, and guides the living into knowingly or not, serving his grander machinations. The 'avatars' could be similar to the nagash we see in tabletop, a small fragment of the gods power sent out to enforce his will where his legions falter. With 'the lady' being a weaker aspect of himself, it must be fueled by the devotion of 'her' followers and brought to life by prayer and the souls of 'her' slain enemies.

The ramblings of my inner DM aside, it's a cool army idea!

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