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The Glottkin



I started off my Nurgle army by purchasing a Glottkin and really making my list around that. I saw someone do this tree kitbash on reddit and decided to do it aswell and go for a Ghyran based Nurgle army. I got some tree trunks and stumps from Grabblecast and a ton of tufts from different places to make nice woodland bases and I think its coming along really nice. I still have to make the guys riding  the big dude but It's already looking pretty good!Glottkin3.jpg.fc5bab917b885828a5040c04ca71b2cd.jpg

The back side on this model has to be my favourite part so much nice detail to do! I'm really pleased with the eyes and the banner thingy. 


Painting the Glottkin has been really educational. I'm currently trying to just get a good method to painting figured out that requires as little edge highlighting as possible and I think i'm getting pretty close. 

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You did an amazing job here! Also, thanks for mentioning grabblecast, I hadn't heard of them and I am always on the look out for awesome basing/terrain stuff.

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