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Lord of Plagues

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I decided to paint this cheapo model before messing around with the 2 other Glott brothers so I could nail down the paint scheme for my Nurgle mortals and I think it turned out pretty fantastic. Practicing blends on this model was a lot of fun and I really how the helmet came out the darker edged really pull your eye to his face. I'm also really enjoying the color combination I have found here the green goes really nicely with the pale purple and the orange accents the green perfectly.



I think I'm slowly nailing down a good painting process for myself just working mostly with glazing, shades and drybrushing. I really suck at edge highlighting so I'm trying to find a way to do nice looking stuff with out it. I know this way of painting doesn't pop as much but I think it still has a good ammount of depth and looks quite pleasing to the eye. 



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