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January Totals



January is finished, and it's time to audit my numbers.

In December, I painted the following:

60 Stabbad: 360 points

Fungoid Cave Shaman: 90 points

Madcap Shaman: 80 points

Total: 530 points


In January, I painted the following:

Zarbag's Gitz: 160 points

20 Shootas: 130 points

Endless Spells: 210 Points

10 Boingrot Bounders: 200 points

Loonboss with Great Cave Squig: 100 points

20 Squigs and 4 Herders: 240 points

Loonshrine: 0 points

Total: 1040 points plus loonshrine.


Now for February goals.

Loonboss on Mangler Squigs: 300 points

60 Stabbas: 360 points

40 Shootas: 260 points

Skragrott: 220 points

10 Squig Hoppers: 180 points

Total: 1100 points


Wish me luck!



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