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  1. Endless spells completed! Adding 210 points to the count, bringing me to 510 points painted for the year.
  2. PartyBear

    Zarbag's Gitz and Next Steps

    Finished Zarbag's gitz. Current Painting: Shootas (20): 130 Points Zarbag's Gitz: 160 Points Upcoming: Endless Spells and Squig Herd
  3. PartyBear


    20 grits done!
  4. PartyBear

    Found bits

    Found some random bits from the old Kull Pass box. The more grots, the better.
  5. PartyBear

    New Year

    Happy new year, one and all. My shop is running a hobby accountability. Here is my progress for my Gloomspite Gitz. This post has my current batch and the pile of sprue for 20 grots, Zarbag's Gitz, and some fanatics.
  6. Apologies and thanks to Flamingwalnut for the idea, I'll be using this to keep track of my warband narrative as well! Pics of the warband to come!