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Titanhost Gargants: Break my Gargant Maker




OK, with the three provisional scrolls done for the army what I am in desperate need of now is some players to go through the various combinations on the warscrolls to see if there is any broken, over or underpowered, obvious or useless choices i have included in order to be refined. There are a number of typos I have spotted which i can go through an edit but I tend to find players have the best insight into what might result in broken combinations.

So you might be thinking that with just 3 warscrolls the faction cannot have that many combinations to assess, but as I'm a weird one we now have 135 possible combinations of Warscroll, Origin, Speciality and Weapons. Now that is army variety :P

So if anyone has a chance to read my Gargant builder, build you ideal Gargant with what is on show and see if there is any broken combinations I would be immensely greatful. We have the Overlord (Hero), Shaman (Wizard), and Gargant (everything else) scrolls, along with clarification of what each Origin and Speciality means for the warscroll.

Thanks to anyone and everyone who reads this and moreso for those willing to give it a go!









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