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Early days, a summer of firsts

James McPherson


Age of Sigmar brought me back into the fold after a long exodus from the hobby.  Last time I was this involved with anything was the early 90's and I was about 11 or 12.

Screen Shot 2016-06-18 at 15.25.17.png

Because of this I had to build everything up from scratch as I had no models or paints or anything, so I've been slowly getting set up since the AoS release over the last year while learning the rules and watching AoS bat reps on youtube (MWG and GMG and tabletop mini's mostly) and following youtube chat shows such as Vince Venturella and Andy2d6.

Now I have a great painting station set up for the first time, and a nice collection of tools/paints and models to get started (see pic)



My current goal is to get a Nurgle army fully built and painted up from scratch to play games with and try to master the rules for it whilst I am in the UK, before I head back to work in Wellington, NZ in September. I'll be attending Warlords , which is the final week before I leave the UK on the 19th September.

My first two games so far were with the smelly/foul/stinky Clan Pestilens. I keep forgetting their rules and using them wrong/doing stupid stuff with them so I am determined to learn how to play them correctly. I'll probably take them to Warlords in September so that I can stick with what I know and get lots of practice in over the summer with them. Crazy I hear you say? Is this a bold tactic or..... a rat too far?!




Gaming wise I recently played my first ever games of AOS at a local gaming club in my area (Rygas Roughnecks in Exeter) 

Game 1 - Pestilens supported by blightkings and skaven BSB VS Vampire Counts

I deployed terribly in my first ever game, bunching everything up in a blob in the centre , 10 slow moving blightkings acted as a protective wall for my Pestilens but also got in the way horribly. Blightkings performed well on their own but ruined all my movement and charges for the rest of the game by the poor deployment. Managed to kill his General with my Corruptor who made a pop up attack but other than that got my ass handed to me. Found it hard to kill his bloodknights who he buffed a lot and had those shields which give +1 against weapons with a rend of '-'

Result - Heavy Loss


Game 2 - All Pestilens VS Vampire Counts

This was a clash comp scenerio, where you both place 2 objectives and have to capture your opponents ones and protect your own. This game was characterised by two large mistakes on my part, I deployed my plagueclaws too far away for their 31 inch range to do much, and I kept forgetting my Hero phase, (3x times in a  row!) so wasted a lot of my abilities and magic. I was very tired though so put it down to that. I also lost 40 plague monks in one turn to a Vanhels buffed Skeleton horde, and kept forgetting some of their rules such as the Icon of Pestilence and Doom Gong which would've helped in a couple situations. So pretty terrible on my part, but am learning the game still and improving with each game

Result - Heavy Loss


Other Gaming firsts -

I'm attending Warhammer World open day in August, it'll be my first ever visit to WHWorld. I went to Games Day at the NIC back in the '90s, that was my only other event (see pic)

Screen Shot 2016-06-18 at 15.24.56.png


I am also taking part in my first ever games & campaign at my local GW in Exeter, as well as coming to Warlords in September for my 1st ever tournament



I am looking for more AoS players in the Devon/Exeter area so give me a shout if you fancy a game!!




Painting & Modelling

The first stuff paint wise I got into have been my Clan Pestilens faction, as they were what I have been mostly gaming with, so I wanted to get them painted asap. This gave me an opportunity to learn to use an airbrush for the very first time and my brand new Vallejo Game Air set, and the new compressor. So I've set about airbrushing 60 plague monks and blocking out the colors on my behemoths and war machines.

I got mixed results with the monks, some turned out beautiful, others have small areas of speckling where I didn't quite get the air pressure right, and the atomisation didn't quite work, so a few still need tidying up a bit. All in all though its a good start and pleased with the way its coming on. I've also done the base coat on their flesh, swords and woe staves so far as well as their bases. I'm hoping to have these finished in the next few days, and then I have another box of 20 to add to the woe staves giving 40 of each weapon option. I'm hoping to have most of it base coated by the weekend, ready for the first battleplan of the Season of War summer campaign.




Go stinky rats!




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Gaming Aids

Been getting a load of gaming stuff together recently , mostly because as a new player, I need every bit of help I can get to make my games run smoother and faster and so with that in mind I have put together a nice customised counter set to help me remember rules for my Rotbringers, Nurgle Daemons and Clan Pestilens stuff. I made custom counters for any abilities or effects that last a whole turn, as well as things like Prayers, Spells and Command Abilities, which are all color coded and grouped by shape, so I can remember what the hell it is I'm doing! This is partly down to finding it hard to remember the rules for Plaguemonks as they are so complex to use, but also partly down to being tired when I play games and also being a newbie. I get my stuff from Counter Attack , they do a lot of customizing options for measuring gages, dice, counters etc





I also use Ben Curry's excellent scenery (and soon the buff dice) which are available here on the TGA.



The KR dice case is a nice way to keep everything all together in one set and has a handy card holder on the inset for which I used as a holder for Ben's awesome scenery dice card (listing the rules for terrain) as a handy quick ref guide.


I also invested in a cheap tablet from Amazon, the Lenovo A7-20 is a good little tablet coming in at around £60 , its only 8GB in Memory but you can add an SDcard, which I plan to keep all my DLC on. The 7inch screen size is fine for reading warscrolls off. The App doesn't seem to tilt when horizontal though which makes my cases backstand obsolete , hoping that gets resolved later down the line.



Seeing as I am running a pain in the butt horde army,  I figured I had better make some movement trays as well to save time on turn 1 getting into position. I picked these up from an ebay seller Hurlbatgames who make excellent MDF and Plastic movement trays and bases http://www.ebay.co.uk/usr/hurlbatgames?_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2754



I also bought a large metal KR case to transport stuff around as I am headed up to WW for Seeds of Hope and Warlords over the next month or two



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Managed to get my first ever visit and game in at my local gaming club Exmouth Imperial Wargamers club on Weds, the club has been going in Exmouth for over 15 years and plays a variety of historical and sci fi / fantasy wargames such as Bolt Action, X wing and 40k. We played Gift from Heavens with legacy W.Elves vs Pestilens, was a fun game and nice to meet all the guys for the first time, we were the only AOS game going down but I'm sure the scene will grow there , big ups to Paul for a fun game! So far I'm P:3 W:0 L:3 with Pestilens!



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That games club looks really great!  Did you pre-arrange a game or were you able to pop in and find someone to play? 

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That looks like a bad ass set up of tokens and terrain dice.

Reaaally jealous!

Your Pestilens is making me want to get my ass moving here.  Pokemon Go has crushed my painting time but as soon as the Beastmen are done we're going hard into Rotbringers and Pestilens!

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2 hours ago, Ben said:

That games club looks really great!  Did you pre-arrange a game or were you able to pop in and find someone to play? 

Yeah I'm lucky it's 5 mins from my Mums place in Exmouth where I've been staying while back in England.  Had to pre-arrange on the Facebook group and it took about 2 or 3 weeks to find someone up for a game but I found a great guy to duke it out with so very happy. Once we started other people started saying they will join in soon so hopefully we'll get more games going in future..

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More Movement Trays

I had some better movement trays made by a guy called the Laser Cut Architect. I got 2 Plague Furnace bases custom made especially to fit 32 plague monks around the outside and turn it into a movement 14 chariot! And a load of random horde trays (also got some 32mm ones not pictured) He is a really helpful guy who will go above and beyond to make whatever you need, and is extremely fast and great comms, very good experience overall, ok value for money too compared to what else is out there.






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he has a facebook page. Although I haven't been on it yet, he just asked me to post pics when they are all painted up on there. I just emailed him to start with . I had seen someone else post some movement trays they had just bought from him on one of the fbook sigmar pages, so I ripped the photo and sent it to him via email and said "can you make me X amount like this?". He is pretty thorough, will send you a screengrab of his design software before he cuts it to make sure its correct if its a custom job.

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I got a game in against @CyderPirate aka Scotty from Rygas on Weds eve n Exeter, which was a lot of fun we had another game of AOS going on next table to us too so looks like AOS is growing a bit at Rygas which is cool too!  First time playing the Escalation battleplan from the GHB which really makes you think about your deployment a lot, 2000pts, Slaves to Darkness Vs Pestilens.

Pestilens pulled it out the bag for my first AOS win, but only with some lucky shooting from the Plagueclaw in turn 2 and sheer weight of numbers. Also the mortal wounds dealt back from casualties rule on a roll of a 6 from the icon of Pestilence seemed to come into play a lot, as did my 6up ward save from the Congregation of Filth formation.

Beginning to wonder if 1000pts better suits the gaming club format , so will start trying those smaller game sizes out next. I have seeds of Hope on Sunday week which turns out is also 1000pts format, so looking very forward to that and AOS open day next wknd!



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Great following your return to the game James.  I left the hobby in about 2000 and returned in 2013/4 so had to go through a similar process of rebuilding the hobby station and connections to gaming groups etc.

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